shiny ruby red cherries

We planted this cherry tree last fall.
We ran out to the "orchard" this spring to see if the new tree had flowered.
It had.

Then a week or so later. .
we ran back out to see if the flowers had been pollinated. .
they had.

Then. ...
every week after that ..
we nonchalantly walked past the tree. .
trying not to rush it ..
nor make it feel like it was being watched.

Last week ..
we licked our lips.  ..
and kept walking.

On Monday ..
when grandgirlie walked past the tree ..
she noticed the shiny ruby red cherries and plucked one off the stem . .
and popped it in her mouth.
We smiled.

Being naturally quite selfish. .
we distracted her with the search for the baby field bunnies. .
and today . .
the two of us. .
will return to the tree. .
and  pluck the cherries and eat them .

all for now . .


  1. Oh yummmy! So how much of a crop did you harvest? A handful or a bushel full?

    Fresh homemade home grown cherry jam would make a great "just because" gift to me you know...

  2. Oh the thought of having one's own cherry tree. Be still my heart. I don't think they do well in my corner. I know of no one who has one. We have our little basket of cherries in the fridge and I keep popping one or two every time I go by.

  3. What a darling post :-) I love cherries....memories of vacations as a kid...Dad would always pull over along the road a buy a big bag from a roadside stand....

    The photo was great...mouth watering....


  4. Lovely and so beautiful --- juicy, sweet, round orbs! Enjoy!

  5. How exciting to have cherries on your very own tree. I absolutely love fresh cherries in the summertime. Enjoy your harvest!

  6. The first fruits...always the best. Enjoy!

  7. Such a cute post! I can see you thinkin' those things ...
    We had a cherry tree in the first house we lived in Vancouver ... big tree loaded with Bing cherries. My sister and I would get our brother who did not like cherries, but loved climbing trees, to pick them for us. It was a nice arrangement we had going.

  8. We picked out cherries just as the birds were discovering them and then we ate them all - there weren't all that many! We left a few for the birds.

  9. Yummy! I ate my fare share of cherries last week. You need to keep that tree a secret from the other grands in the coming years.


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