It seems like I am just one among many who feel like they are running their head off this summer.

When we are not running. ..
we can't think because we are still thinking about running around.

Then. .
we are too tired to sleep and can't unwind because we are still thinking about what running we will do tomorrow. 
(even grands seem to have this problem)

The important thing though.  .
is that we are running to the things that bring us ultimate contentment and joy.

Apparently ..
I've been told that running your head off ..
can possibly be the best fun ...
most recently discovered.

The only difference between them and their grammie is. .
I don't run anymore in the evening . .
once my jammies are on.
(okay ..and they smile more when the run)

all for now . .


  1. Those smiles! Who knew running in the hall could be the most fun of the whole day?

  2. Oh the energy they have! They are having a blast at grammies!

  3. Love those smiles..they are having a good time! Takes so little to make them smile:)

  4. I'm smiling as I see the grands fly up and down your hall...such a convenient track...because when I spend a day with the grands, I'm beat. I was just sitting staring into space after a day of it today when John asked me what I was thinking. I had no clue, head totally empty. Your son and his wife must so appreciate your helping out in this way as they get the little one home and adjusted. Oh what a busy, happy family it'll be!

  5. Cute as buttons!!

    I'm running too - and I expect I'll keep running at least until after the wedding!!

  6. Those energetic little ones are so adorable :-)

    Amazing how big the blessing those little ones are to us Gram's....



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