raspberry season

Each tiny little section of raspberry bursts full of flavour buds.
Who needs the fake packets of flavouring when the real thing is hanging ripe on the bushes?
One of my favorite appetizers is Hot Red Pepper Jelly on Cream Cheese on a fresh crisp light cracker.

I added in some raspberries this year to add a little spunk.
We stood and waited for the jelly to set. .
checking now and then. . .
and as soon as it cooled.  . .
we tested. .
cream cheese . .
crackers. .
and raspberry red pepper jelly.

Check Mennonite Girls Can Cook today. .
and get your little Christmas hostess gifts finished this week.

all for now. . .


  1. Christmas in July....grin! You ARE on top of things lady! Just 'visiting' home this weekend on the mainland and if this rain doesn't STOP I will believe we are already in the 'season'. Yikes. Glad to see crops haven't suffered too much though and those berries look fantastic!

  2. That looks wonderful.....I'll have to try this recipe this year. I have to hurry out and get some berries.

  3. Beautiful shot of the raspberries. I can almost taste the jelly on those crackers with the cream cheese...yum.

  4. What a great combination! I'm going to try this...for sure.

  5. That sounds like a really good combination, and we love, love pepper jelly.

  6. Your photo is so beautiful. I love raspberries and I also love the red pepper jelly/cream cheese combo. Adding raspberries to that sounds like a match made in heaven.

  7. I love red pepper jelly so I can just imagine what a nice little twist it is with raspberries added. Will check in at MGCC.

  8. I have never seen raspberries and cherries look better! Really! Beautiful pictures and it all sounds so good to me.


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