Pie Class

We came flying back into the valley yesterday afternoon.
The trailer was connected to the truck. .
and truck connected to the phone chargers. .
and the phone chargers connected to the phones. .
and as soon as we had phone reception again ..
the emails started to pour in. .
and I once again felt connected . .. myself.

More on what we did last week. . .
next week.

Anneliese organized the pie class at Lepp Farm Market and Kathy and her did the main demonstrations on how to make flaky summer pies.

It was wonderful to be able to see the girls as soon as we got back to town. . .
oh what a fun time we had. .
both .. .out of the valley . .
and back in the valley!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

all for now. .


  1. Love all the photos Lovella! Sure wish I could have been a taster at the class! :0)

  2. Do the pies get shared or sold to the highest bidder? It's always fun to see you gals at work. I'd love to attend a class with you as my teachers.

  3. What a lovely time! I wish I lived closer --- I'd love to be a student of the cooking Mennonite girls! Thanks for sharing --- it's fun to see all the 'goings on'.

  4. Lucky students in the class! The pie looks delicious - but I love the 'after the party/class' photo best of all.

  5. Summer pies are just so lovely. It would be a sad to miss out on the lusciousness...I am so glad the Menno girls were willing and able to demo how to make them for those who did not know. Store bought summer fresh fruit pies just are not quite as good as home made.

    Re reconnecting: Doesn't it happen faster than anything? Whew!

  6. Looks like such fun! And tasty too!

  7. Welcome home! I wish I could buy one of theose beautiful pies!


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