Little Miss Muffet Turns One

Over the weekend. .
we celebrated the accomplishment of Little Miss Muffet's First Year.

It occurred to me. .
that only when you are very young. .
or very much in the winter period of your life. .
do you not realize. .
you are the center of attention.

It is only then. .
that you can fully enjoy being center of attention.

OH. .it was a wonderful Saturday afternoon affair.
The table was set with goodies enjoyed by all.

Since the weather did not have a proper appreciation for the event ..
we were scattered in and out, under the covered deck and announcements and the blessing were said centrally for all to hear.

This baby girl has gone from zero to one much quicker than the previous three grands.
She quietly goes about her duty as little sister and baby cousin.

While her older cousins and ( sister  who apparently was not yet seated)
partied at the "big" table . ..
she sat in her chair which provided a vantage point above the festivities.

Once she was finished. .
she did a walk about. . .

saying hello to her guests .. .
who were all happy to offer her smiles.

Happy 1st Birthday Little Miss Muffet.
You are a little sweet dolly.



  1. Oh the curls! And the most adorable birthday outfit ever! What fun the interaction between the little boy and Miss Muffet.

  2. Where did the year go? Birthday wishes to your sweet Little Miss Muffit. First birthday parties are such a fun milestone!

  3. She really did a fast first year! What a blessing for her to have loving family near to come and celebrate with her, and gather memories of the day to share with her when she is older.

  4. She really is a cutie. Love the tiptoes shot!

  5. Your grand daughters are the sweetest things! How would you ever be able to say no to anything they ask?
    The birthday decorations and goodies make the party a real celebration.

  6. I loved that stage..from curls to just standing on tip toes and checking everything out with an inquisitive smile. They have no clue what's happening except that they are the life of the party.

  7. Happy birthday to your sweet Little Miss Muffet! I can see her cousins and big sister had a wonderful time celebrating with her!

  8. Greetings from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  9. Adorable photos of all the little innocent ones :-)


  10. Is there anything any cuter than a toddling birthday girl (or boy) ... not that I can think of! Happy birthday to your sweet girlie!


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