kanneloni macaroni turns two

Happy Birthday darling Kanneloni Macaroni.
You make turning two look like the best thing ever!

We celebrated her birthday on the weekend when the weather was cooperative.

The pool was filled with warm water . . happy children. .
amd lots of dads and moms.

The gazebo was set up with all the essentials.
She smiled all evening long . . .
 .. .and made us smile too.

Elmo and Big Bird were happy they were included too.
May you continue to grow strong and healthy  KM.
May your heart remain filled with joy!

with love .. .


  1. Oh she is so color coordinated. Too cute!

  2. I want an Elmo birthday party too. How cool are those cupcakes. Love them.

  3. Birthdays all over blog land - or at least all over the lower mainland! That looks like a lot of fun and the look on KM's face says it all!

  4. She's a beauty & the party looks fantastic! Where was the location? What a great yard!!!

  5. What a fun party! Love those cupcakes! Little Miss reminds me so much of you!

    Happy second birthday to a special little girl!

  6. Happy birthday to "KM"! She had a fabulous party -- the cupcakes were so cute!

  7. That Mommy knows how to put on a party! What a fun theme!
    I can see Lacey was not too eager to get in the pool.

  8. Looks like so much fun and it looks like KM was happy!!!!! Loved the cupcakes! And, I love that gazebo! I could use one of those for entertaining.

  9. Happy Birthday to little KM. That looks like such a fun party. The cupcakes are adorable and the last picture of the birthday girl standing next to Elmo and the cupcakes is pure happiness. She reminds me of a very young Doris Day.

  10. She is a beautiful little girl. Her hair makes me jealous. And her birthday cupcakes do, too. It's no wonder that you are very proud of this little one.

  11. Now that looks like the perfect venue for a kids birthday party. What a sweet little birthday girl!

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  13. Happy birthday KM! She's so stinkin' adorable & by the looks of it, she really knows how to throw a party! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  14. Happy Birthday to KM! How fun to have Elmo and Big Bird cupcakes! Time does fly by for us older ones...hard to imagine two years have come and gone already. She looks very happy!


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