Happy Birthday Mom!

Last summer on Mom's birthday. .
I invited her over to make the potato salad for the book.
While she was busy cutting. .
I was busy taking photos of her.
I see beautiful . .
where she sees the evidence of years of painful arthritis.

Her great grands love her just as her first generation grands did.
They call. . .."Oma!!". . .when she walks in the door.

Always beautiful. .
always giving. .
and always loving. .
and still the best potato salad maker in the land!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

To all my American neighbors. .
Happy 4th of July!


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom/Oma/world's-best-potato-salad-maker and cousin to us. Elmer and Judy

  2. She is beautiful! What sweet pictures and what a loving post!

  3. What a lovely looking woman! I love the last picture of her holding the potato salad.

  4. Have a wonderful day and you are so lucky to have someone help you. I guess others of us, sometimes feel less fortunate, but when I do...it's best to find a friend who loves to make food with you in the kitchen and share life together.

  5. Happy Happy birthday to Oma! She's beautiful!

  6. Happy Birthday Pauline!
    I know how important a role you play in Lovella's life as a friend and mentor. Those of us who have/had a mother in law like you are truly blessed.

  7. Happy Birthday, Mrs. S! May God bless you with health and joy in this coming year!

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mom..she is a very lovely lady.

  9. Happy Birthday Pauline. I love the sweetness you share!

  10. What a sweet tribute to one who has given so much. You can see kindness in her eyes in that last picture. Wishing you joy in the year ahead.

  11. Such lovely pictures! And a beautiful lady too. I will have to check out the potato salad recipe!

  12. What a beautiful Oma! What a lovely tribute to her. I must look up her potato salad recipe pronto.

  13. Sweet tribute to your mom. Treasure each day with her!

  14. She is beautiful and radiant! Happy birthday to "Mom"!!!!!

  15. Happy belated birthday to your Mom! She is beautiful!


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