Happy Birthday Mary!

See the way my brother looks at his wife?
He always did. .
and always will.
They are a beautiful example of a faithful marriage.

Happy Birthday to a beautiful sister-by-love.


  1. So nice! There are a lot of us who would love to have someone feel like that about us. What a very nice couple.

  2. I do see...very special. Her day must've been happy for there's joy all over her face and that color is her color for sure...looks fabulous on her.

  3. Best wishes Mary for a wonderful day, and many more blessings in the year ahead too.

  4. Aww! That's neat that their love hasn't dimmed one bit!

  5. Happy belated birthday Mary.....what a sweet picture of the two of you....and Lovella...I know you love your sister's by love so much! I'm sure Mary felt loved and special that you would host a birthday supper for her.

  6. It always touches my heart to hear statements like yours, about a couple that loved each other for many years. I am sure we could learn so much by sitting and talking with this lovely couple.

  7. By the way, the roses on your banner and the ones gracing your table, are so beautiful!


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