the great white moler

The best gifts are always the one of a kind home made creations.

Linda. ..our friend and sharer of grands. . .
is the most creative and artistic person I know. .
hands down.
She has the ability to watch someone and then come up with a device. .or packet of treasures. .or in this case. .a trophy which not only makes you laugh. .
it is curiously accurate.

I'm not going to bother explaining this trophy to you.
Suffice to say ..
that my beloved has a thing about moles on his manicured farm yard.

Only he. .
keeps a running tally of the offensive little fellows who make brown lumps of dirt on his lawn. .
and field.

A good amount of thought goes into the capturing of these little fellows and everyone who knows my beloved personally has heard of his tales of accomplishment at his craft.

It makes him happy when the moles and him understand one another. .
as you can plainly see.

all for now. .



  1. Love it! It's so cute.
    Sounds like your hubby and my hubby have the same pet peeve!

  2. Cute and very personalized trophy. Kudos to Linda and her skill.
    BTW would you send your man over here? I have a couple of those pesky critters bothering me right now.
    DH and #2 son are also great white mole hunters but no matter how many they get there are always more.

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  4. I must say that you've never been blunt (forgive the word) about this before. Not anything like Vickie at Sand Flat Farm who has a carcass tally in her sidebar. =}

    Wonderful trophy. Your beloved looks appropriately pleased.

  5. She really is talented!
    I can't say I blame your husband for being so deligent with the moles. I think they multiply like rabbits!

  6. What a cute gift - there's something about a gift that could only be for one person!

  7. He might just make more money catching moles then farming chickens. I know someone else who has no moles in his fields....great minds think alike.

  8. I had to come here and see why the girls were randomely talking about moles . . . I see a shovel on that trophy. . . and I think I know what mine does with that when he sees a mole wiggle under a patch of ground.

  9. Oh that is great! My brother has the same relationship with gophers...

  10. Your grandchildren should inherit some good genes from both much talent in one family!


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