the grand camping trip

On Sunday morning of last week .. .
we excused ourselves from the family reunion  . .
and made our way back west on the Crowsnest Highway towards Manning Park Provincial Park.
We had a date arranged with  "the lil' farm hand". . ."grandgirlie". . .and "kanneloni macaroni".

Last year when we took the oldest two . ..
they remembered all winter what fun they had and reminded us often that they'd be willing to keep us company camping again.

We came prepared with art shirts. . .
and not once did any of us worry one speck about how we were dressed ..
as long as we were half clean and warm enough.

There was plenty of exercise to go around.
Kanneloni Macaroni reminded us to Shh! so she could sneak up on bears! 
Her most used phrase through the three days was .  .."Shh. ..Grrr"...cracked us up every time.
I'd like to report at no time was any head in danger of a concussion since they wore their helmets almost all day.

Spring in western Canada has been slow arriving and the bears have woken from their hibernation and are being forced to seek food.
We were amazed to see them moseying their way through the campground and witnessed them stripping the bark off of several large trees. .
marking their territory.

Needless to say....
we were careful!

We worked on our play dough cutouts.  ..
and made zoo animals and foods while snacking  on "colored cheerios" to curb the temptation to snack on food that looked so realistic that  anyone could be tricked into eating it.

There was plenty of walking. . .
and lots of posing and I laughed when they would themselves plop themselves on logs and suggest photo ops  .. .
hoping that Grandpa would do silly faces behind Grammie's camera.

On Tuesday.  ..
just before dinner.  .
we strapped the three of them in car seats in the back of the truck and hauled them back to the Fraser Valley.  We made a stop for cheeseburgers and broke the news to them that the next stop was to see their mommy's and daddy's.

At precisely 6:30 PM. .
we kissed those sweet faces goodbye and made one beeline back for the silence of the campground. . .
and we slept like bears . . .
all night long.

all for now. .


  1. I had not known bears could/would strip tree bark like that!
    It all looked like the very best kind of camping fun. No wonder they kept at you to go camping again all winter. Bet even the bears cubs wished they were your grands.

  2. Wowzer. Bears. That close? Or does the camera make them appear closer than it was?

    What a great parcel of grands you two've got. You must be very proud of them all. They'll not be forgetting this trip anytime soon either.

  3. forget subject verb agreement there...obviously, I did...

  4. Camping with grandchildren is something I long to do. I can see that anyone planning such an activity could use your post as a sort of tutorial....what to bring, activities to plan.....It sure looked like fun!

  5. It looks like the best of times!

    I love that they have their own little camping table. And what better place for play dough than in a campsite? Good idea!

  6. I'm always asked the same question...When is it the season to go camping? What terrific memories in the best camping spot in the world. Have never seen the bears so close by..

  7. Looks like a very successful grand camping trip! Shh it.
    I'm glad the bears kept their distance!

  8. OH I can hardly wait to have grandkiddies - camping trips are on the to-do list!!

    But maybe ones here on safe PEI - no bears!

  9. It looks like such a wonderfully fun time!
    Wow, those bears can be a brazen lot. I'm glad that they didn't cause you any trouble.
    What cute grandkids you have. Such sweet memories being made!

  10. Oh, you did good, Lovella! LIke sameone said... you have some great ideas on what kinds of activities to bring from home.
    I wonder who appreciated this time more.. the parents or the kids?

  11. Oh my, those bears would have made me pack up and leave! I'd be so afraid they might attack. I guess you can tell I don't camp often..too much of a city girl :)

    PS: I blogged about the MGCC cookbook today!

  12. Awwww. such a beautiful post. I have no grandchildren, or married children for that matter, but it looks like you had so much fun. God Bless you ALL.

  13. What fun!!!!! Those grandchildren are so blessed! Can't believe the bears!! My kids would be scared too! It looks like a beautiful place to camp.


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