the family reunion

On Canada Day weekend we celebrated not only our nations birthday but also family.
For years.  ..Princeton, British Columbia has meant the half way point and most often an ice cream break on our way to the Okanogan. 
Now. .
Princeton also means . .
a beautiful spot in a dry place where we reconnected with family.

My beloved's extended family met for it's first ever summer reunion and what a success it was.

Right next to the Kettle Valley Railway ..
some of us took advantage of the beautiful 5 kilometer walk into town.

The menfolk who share our last name. . .
know how to cook.
Thirty-one pounds of prime rib roasting over the open fire and three large roasting chickens was the anchor of a delicious family BBQ on Saturday evening.

There is nothing like a campfire to bring a wonderful day to an end.  We fried up doughnuts later in the evening and then shared them around the fire.
If you want a fabulous family gathering dessert idea. . .
look up Charlotte's doughnuts in the book.

Dozens of eggs were scrambled up in the morning. . .
by the menfolk.   . .
and eaten by the whole crowd.
What a great time we had.
Thanks to our wonderful hosts Cousins. . Gary and Heather. . . and their really nice adult  kids, Geoff and Lauren.
and Uncle  Elmo and  Autnie Mo for helping them with the planning.
The work they put into this weekend was not overlooked.  I know they must have been tired at the end of the weekend . ..and we appreciated it so much.

Don't you just love it when the decision to go turns out to be fantastic?

all for now. .


  1. I love those kind of get together s when everyone can cook rustically around the fire pit...Congratulations on your very first attempt. For all you might just be the beginning of times to come.
    Could you please pass me a doughnut and add a little steak on the side.

  2. A lovely spot...wonderful looking food...good company. I'm glad you went as well!

    I like the log weights used to keep the balloons in place. Neat idea!

  3. Good times....and hopefully it will be just the first of many such reunion with more and more generations joining in each year. The added bonus of a lovely location was fabulous.

  4. PS: Thought the canine branch of the family was really cute too. Especially the photo bomb one peeking out from the back row.

  5. Things like this don't just happen by themselves. How special that your extended family wanted to make it happen and they sure did!!!! Looks like wonderful co-operation and good memories to cherish.

  6. It takes a lot of good planning to make such a successful family reunion and yours was certainly a success! What a beautiful location, too.

  7. Looks as if it was a wonderful time! How cool when a family works together and has fun together. That's a lot of family, too. A lot!

    My son and his wife and my daughter and my grands attended their dad's family reunion over the weekend. It was not quite as successful as they didn't know many of their family members. They were asking questions about how this one or that one was related and I had to tell them. I'm thinking I should've gone along for the ride, too. Ha! Now that would've been fun.

  8. I am so impressed with that meat cooking on the fire and those great looking donuts! Looks like a great time and I'm glad you were able to go. Great photos!

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful time! All that good food and nice weather, and best of all enjoying all of your family!

  10. Now I understand.....all those eggs. Hmmm. Must have been quite a mess but I'm sure it has long been forgotten! Looked like a neat weekend. :)

  11. What a pleasant setting for a special family time. It looks like you created some great memories!


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