the bed eggs and the sandy weiner

Last weekend we were heading to a family reunion and stopped one night at Hampton Campground which lies within the Manning Park Provincial Park.

My beloved was in a big hurry to have his leave from the farm and commented more than once how happy he was that his truck pulled the trailer along with great gusto.

Upon arriving at our site. .
we backed her up and I went into the trailer to get our supper fixings while he built the fire.

What I found was eggs. . .
on the bed and oozing down between the mattress and the wall.

Eggs were strewn across the bed and a good half flat was smashed to smithereens.

We dried the empty flats by the fire to refill them with the eggs.
The remainder of the flats found a new place to travel.

He immediately claimed that his expertise is in egg gathering not in egg hauling.

You'll understand those moments of sheer rush to clean up when you wonder why no photo documentation reveals the bed eggs.

I removed the sheets and did some initial rinsing in the wee sink and we focused on our supper.

Having regained his confidence  .. .
he gloated at his perfectly roasted wiener and toasted bun.

My chilly bun lay open pale and soft ..
while his lay open warm and toasty.

He helped himself to the fried onions. . .

....and then dropped his perfect fire roasted wiener in the dirt.

While I ate my rather delicious fire roasted hot dog .. .
he made yet another and we watched the fire turn to perfect egg roasting coals.

Since he was not intending to bring any cracked eggs to the reunion he thought it might be a good time to test the campfire egg bake method.

He found. worked quite nicely. . . .

....and crouched as he has since we was a wee lad (not to dirty his trousers). . .
and ate his egg.

all for now. . .


  1. Ah, camping - always making memories for future campfire stories :)

  2. I am sure many campers have suffered from a dropped weiner but broken eggs in the the bed linens might be a camping mishap first. Hope the rest of your getaway time was free from other food based set backs, and a more reliable egg hauling method was determimed!

  3. That was good for a laugh this morning!

  4. Thanks for the smile this morning! Ahh the joys of camping..

  5. Oh dear...broken traveling eggs. Glad things improved along the way.
    How fun to cook an egg like that on the fire...

  6. Aw.. cute camping story!.. at least the way it turned out...
    but the eggs on the bed... not fun! reminded me of when our fridge flew open on the way camping and the pail with the bran muffin mix fell out and opened and ended up not just in one nice pile .. I won't say more. =)

  7. Making memories!!

    And learning new tricks - I'll have to try the roasted egg one.

  8. Our mishap tale is when someone had forgotten to put the lock on the fridge door. Turning a corner threw the door open and the big glass jar of strawberry jam flew out and smashed into the opposite wall and slid down into the carpet. Needless to say I spent a good majority of our weekend cleaning the walls and floor of our RV.

  9. Oh what a lovely mess that must've been. I did not know that one could cook an egg that way. If I ever go camping again, which I'd really just as soon avoid, I'll try it.

  10. Bed eggs...not so good!

    We transported two watermelons on our bed en route to our last family reunion. They rolled off with a crash on the Hope-Princeton Highway. Cracked watermelons can still be used...we discovered.

  11. It's my 1st time visiting-I so enjoyed your post!
    Oh my, what a mess. But it seems you didn't let it spoil your fun camping.
    Is that zuchinni relish I spotted? It looks just like mine-so it must be! Nothing better to my mind!
    And egg grilling? I'll have to try that. Does the egg have a smokey taste?
    Please drop by my site and say "hi" sometime.

  12. You certainly present camping as an appealing way to spend a few days. I would love to try it again, especially in your beautiful part of the world. Breakfast and coffee by the campfire sure does look like fun.

  13. What a mess! Although at first I thought it was rotten eggs that broke -- that would have been horrible! Eggs are so terrible to clean up if they dry. Never seen the campfire method of cooking eggs but it looks like a good idea!!!


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