Tilling the Soil Tuesdays.. .eleven days

Despite having some very damp soil. . .
the garden is beginning to produce.
The asparagus that we transplanted from friend Linda's garden is beginning to pop.
Once it peeks out of the soil . ..
it grows rapidly.
It's a bit tempting to go out there and tag my stalks. .
and then peek around the barn when he mows around the garden and gets off the mower to investigate what the tags say.

I planted two sorrel plants.
One variegated and one solid green.
My mouth is watering for Summer Borscht every time I look at the plant.
I expect this year if I depend solely on my own sorrel ..
the borscht will be pretty meager. . .
but I won't give up on it just yet.

Leafy lettuce is sprouting.
I hope to have my own version of Marg's beautiful photo in the book.  .

I planted some onion sets and the growth in just under two weeks is most rewarding.
As I poked each baby onion in the ground.  ..
I thought of my friend Betty.. .
and wondered how her onions are doing.

The beets are even looking a tiny bit like beets.
Slow roasted with a drizzle of butter or steamed and salted and peppered. .
there is nothing as sweet as a fresh garden beet.

That would be a sunflower.

Zinnias and cosmos . .. .
more flowers for Grandgirlie to pick.

I planted plenty . .
it should keep her busy.

Thanks for keeping me company while I am Tuesday Tilling.

If you are curious about the naming of Mennonite Girls Can Cook. .
run over to visit Vee.  She is having a cookbook giveaway and telling the story.
all for now . .


  1. Yea! I love watching the garden grow. Mine is all in...but not quite that far...but it has all it's little sticks with the seed packages allowing the grands to see where everything is located.
    Enjoy tilling the soil.

  2. 'How does your garden grow?
    With sorrel leaves and onion sets
    And zinnias in a row.'

    I took a few liberties with Contrary Mary's poem!

    Watching a garden grow is new and exciting every spring. It really is amazing...what can come out of little seeds!

  3. Lovely start to summer produce. I just went out and did what you did: recorded my kitchen garden growth.
    Realized I had forgotten to push in a few radish seeds; that lapse will be addressed ASAP!

  4. It was fun walking your garden plot the other evening......I can see that it has grown some since then. Call me when the soup is on.....I'll bring some buns.

  5. Wow! I'm really impressed with all your sprouts! The asparagus really looks great!

  6. Isn't it a fun time of year? I'll bet your little grands are always anxious to see what's coming up.

  7. I'm quite liking my front row seat here. And I need all the explanations you can give.


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