tent parties and turning 30

Here in British Columbia we are having some kind of serious fever.
Warm weather has been slow in arriving but now that the temperatures are edging towards tent weather .. .we are spending our dinners outdoors.
Our Canucks are in a new series against the San Jose Sharks and we take our hockey pretty seriously.

My beloved sorted out the issue of whether we should be outdoors for dinner . . .
or  ..
inside watching the game.

We watched the game and as they began to lose interest in playing hard. .
we spent more time talking ..
and less time watching.

Saturday morning the drizzle began again and when Grandgirlie came to spend a few hours she was unconcerned with the danger of melting . ..
even though she is made of mostly sugar.

After toting around a small pullet for the better part of an hour . .
she helped herself to some fresh eggs from the hen house and suggested I get some hash browns going to pair them with.

While I made us some lunch.  ..
she listened to kids music through the outdoor speakers and sat in the tent waiting for lunch.

Kids are brilliant . .
they know full well that coming in for any reason at all might constitute remaining indoors on a drizzly day.
She took no chances and offered to pick some flowers while she waited.

From the kitchen window I saw her look of complete and utter disbelief when her gentle tug at a English Daisy stem rewarded her with the entire plant.
I smiled at her  . .."sorry Grammie". . .
as it was such  small matter between girls.

With one hand grasping my camera. . .
I took the unrooted plant and gave it a firm reminder where it was to be.

While we spent the afternoon playing games of teasing .  ..hiding and finding. .
her Daddy was easing into the reality of being 30.

Stuart is the little one.
Grandgirlie saw my picture of my friends and was most impressed with the number of friends I had ..
wanting to know all their names.
I said. ."can you tell me about your friends.  .honey?"
She said. . ."yup"
I said. . ."okay ...tell me their names"
She tilted her head in serious concentration . .listing them off.
Noting she didn't name her little sister I asked her. . .
"what about  . . . . "
She answered rather sadly . ."no  .she's my sister".

I thought then of the picture of her Daddy and his big brother.
Little boys. . .
full of hugs . ..squabbles ...scraps . . then and still ...connected because of parents in love.

Had I known. ..when that picture was taken that 30 years would fly like the wind. . .
I would have surely hung on for dear life.

If I could .. .
I would not go back and do it over again.
I'm happy with the outcome.. ..
and find great joy in seeing all Stuart has become.

all for now .


  1. So sweet...my grands are just now interested in the pictures of their dad when he was their age. It's so cute to see. And they remind me how I'm related and who their mama's mama is. I see the gears turning as they catch on to the family dynamics...fun times.

    Oh your little granddaughter must've been so startled to have the entire plant come up. I do hope that you have a picture of her expression for you to enjoy.

    Drizzly there still, eh? That doesn't bode well. We're on the tenth day of rain and have been promised sun for the past two days. Guess not. It gets depressing. We're going to have to figure out ways to make our own sunshine.

    Happy Birthday to your baby boy!

  2. Love this post. Sounds like you've had a great weekend inside and out. That photo of the boys is priceless. Makes me smile. Happy birthday to your 30 year old.

  3. Awwww....great post Lovella. You have become quite an accomplished 'creative' writer with all these posts. I love your style and I can really feel like I am right there..with your little grandgirlie through the whole event. Very cute. Yes,...about that drizzle...hmmmm. It can stop doing that any time now! Although let me tell you, the sun, when it comes out, is wonderfully steaming hot with the humidity here on the edge of the island.

  4. What a fun post! It was nice being a part of your long weekend.....the outdoor screen reminded me of our dinner during the olympics.
    Looks like your little gardener has some picking and replanting going on. Those are fun times!
    Happy 30th Stuart.....those were the days......these are the days! Live each to the fullest!

  5. Having 2 little boys of my own, this post stirred up some emotions for me. Although my "little" boys are only inches away from being as tall as me...won't be long until they tower over their mama.

    It looks like your spring has been as wet as ours, that a whole plant would come up like that!

  6. You had a lot going on there this weekend...tent parties and birthday celebrations and Grandgirlie's visit to the farm. Get ready for another big tent party tomorrow night!

    Hope your English daisy puts down new roots. I'm sure she'll be checking up on it!

  7. Happy birthday to Stuart! I loved the photo you shared of your boys as little ones. They grow up so fast --it's hard to believe the first time around but that is why we treasure grandchildren so much as now we know that fact too well.

  8. Such wonderful and sweet moments... I love the rainy day outside and picking flowers ...
    Happy Birthday to a mom whose youngest has entered the thirties....Can that really be so? Like you say.. had we known time would fly like the wind ... we'd have hung on a little harder ... but it's all good... we have another chance with grands.

  9. Love the tv set up outside! Looks like you've been enjoying the weather in the garden and celebrating! :)

  10. Fun times in the tent!
    I can just imagine the expression on grandgirlies face:)
    Happy Birthday to your 30 year old.

  11. He had a bandage on the day you took that picture. Remember when having a bandage was a source of boyish pride, something to show off and talk about?

    There has never been a cheaper source glory for a guy! (And S. could probably score some good money today just by mentioning that he *might* share that picture to T2's coworkers and friends. Wolf whistle at those short shorts on Big Bro.)

  12. Mostly made of sugar - I love it!
    My son turns 30 today - where did the time go? Like you, I wouldn't turn back the clock, but I'd like to have had a few more hugs from chubby arms.

  13. You've built many family memories and many more to come...from pulling out flowers to tent parties and 30's..
    I'm like you, I don't know what I'd do differently.


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