taking the facebook plunge

The idea of adding a Mennonite Girls Can Cook facebook page to the growing list of  things to do for blogging made me skeptical about the ratio of effort versus result.
Yesterday morning when our blog readers scrolled down to read the daily recipe. .
their eyes saw the "find us on facebook" and the   "like" button on the right margin.

By eight in the evening. .
we had 192 people "like" the page.
I was both humbled and delighted.

I had wondered what the benefit would be to have a facebook page.
After all. ..we already have a place that people can leave comments and we make every effort to respond to their queries and comments.  What we did not realize is that the facebook page allows readers the freedom to talk about whatever is on their mind.
We can comment back directly under their comment and it feels a lot more like we are having a conversation.

We were blown away by the comments about the book.  Such kindness and such encouragement had me wondering why we waited so long to produce the page.
We still have much to learn about doing a decent facebook page. .
but we're willing and eager to use this new avenue to correspond with our readers.

We'll be able to let you know. .
how our supper is cooking. .
and what we busied our day with. .
and what our plans are in the coming days..

Spread the word. . .
Mennonite Girls Can Cook. .
is on facebook. 
We'd love to chat with you there.

all for now. .


  1. Ahhh, brave new world! I am sure that any way that you can promote the work is a very good thing. All the best with the facebook page!

  2. Wow...all the best...FACEBOOK...grin. For Mennonite Girls no less...well ladies...you are on your way! Twitter will follow? Iyeee...you are a lot more tech savvy than I! All the best...you can do it Lovella!

  3. Mennonite girls can cook...and facebook? Who would have thought?

  4. Excellent idea !!! Facebook is so "used" by the younger generation - Will perhaps inspire them to learn their way around the kitchen as well as a computer. BTW any luck in finding a Tomato Soup Canning Recipe?

  5. The face book "real time" chatter comment option should be fun! With ten girls available to answer comments it could turn into a regular party line!

  6. Wonderful! Going over to join in on facebook next. I like facebook as away to keep in touch with distant family and friends as it is easy to see photos and commentary from many all at once.

  7. This new venture of yours almost makes me wish that I wouldn't have cancelled my Facebook account. I just did not have time, but it sounds like fun to read comments about cooking and my new MWCC cookbook. Have fun!


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