Saturday kitchen

Saturday afternoon once my cleaning was done. .
and the buns were baked.. ..
I just enjoyed a bit of time decluttering and placing some new pieces.

One of the things I enjoy is placing a crystal clean vase of fresh cut flowers from my garden in the house  .. .
when the house is clean.

A few new pieces tucked here and there. .
and the house feels new to me again.
Sometimes it just takes moving things around and around. . .
and then around once more before I get it right to my eye.
When I do. .
it makes me happy.

all for now. .


  1. Lovella, I love the special touches..your home looks inviting and I know you make everyone feel welcome.
    Fresh flowers are a nice touch.

  2. That's what I need...a recipe book holder! I clipped the MGCC with clothespins to make page 30 yesterday for lunch. Two thumbs up! I'll never be going back to my recipe again. Your kitchen looks delightful and so clean and fresh.

  3. It's so lovely to have lilacs in the house! They are so late this year. I picked our first ones too, on Saturday. Dairymary

  4. Dairymary, It's nice to finally be ble to envision you! =)
    Lovella... that looks like a perfect Saturday afternoon to me! =)

  5. One word pops out in my mind today.
    Freshly cut flowers and fresh buns is such a final touch.

  6. How wonderful does your kitchen look Lovella, Thank you for stopping by at my blog last day... I've already purchased the book by amazon as you recommended, It wil take more than 20 days to get here but, that waiting will be a nice one...
    What are those on the island? Cinnamon swirls? They look gorgeous, I've never been able to prepare good swirls, mu mother in law cooks perfect orange swirls but I don't have the recipe...
    Have a nice day.

  7. I'm the very same way - little touches around the house - make me so happy!

    Love the girls picture and frame - not forgetting the beautiful book!

  8. A day like that would leave me feeling very satisfied indeed. Does it get any better than a tidy house, freshly made baked goods and freshly cut flowers from the garden? I don't think so. You really do know "what matters most" and this post is a beautiful illustration of that.
    I have recently received my MGCC cookbook and look forward to trying the first recipe. The book is beautiful and it has been a real joy to read all of "the girls" posts about what happens behind the scenes.

  9. Love all the special touches...meaningful ones, I know.

    Your Saturday kitchen looks most inviting! What did it look like by Sunday night? Smile.

  10. Looks great Lovella. I'm going to have to find some special places for some of my treasures from our time together when I get back from D.C.

  11. I love Saturdays like that....everything in it's place, the smell of fresh baking, and it you're so lucky...fresh flowers. Only my purple wisteria are in bloom, the white is yet to come.

  12. Your kitchen is so bright and cheerful, Lovella.

    I love how fresh flowers look in a kitchen and your arrnagement looks so pretty.

  13. looks like you need what I have..... a handy stainless steel towel holder that hooks over the front of a cabinet door. It doesn't mark and it's so handy to have it right by the sink.... I bought mine at Zellers. :)


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