planting garden

I said. .."this is the year we planting a full out vegetable garden.  It is embarrassing that we live on acreage and have not one proper vegetable to speak of."

I also said. .."All the years we lived in town ...we had a vegetable garden and now we sit. . .
not a vegetable on the yard."

He said. . " Okay ..we'll put it out back . . .there is a hose there.  I'll rototiller up a patch and add some manure and you can go for it."

I said. .."oh thanks."

Several weeks ago the plot of land was prepared and he transferred my rhubarb from behind to house into  the new garden plot.

Yesterday. ..when the skies broke. . we  he planted the garden.

He said. .."this is going to be your job."
I said. .."oh for sure."

I said. .."I'm just taking pictures for the blog.". he could well see.

After we he finished planting. .  we he washed off our muddy boots. . .we he washed off all the hoes and shovels.

Now. will my garden grow? 
You will have a front row seat to a weekly garden check. 
I have promised to do the weeding. ..which I will. 

I'll do the harvesting. .
and I'll do the canning.
He'll be glad we put this garden in.
He truly will.

all for now. .

Updated early Friday afternoon ..
He said. . ."where you going"  . . (observing me in my garden boots)
I said. ."to see how my garden is growing"
He said. .."the potatoes are up"
I said. .."no seriously?"
He said. ..nothing. .
but smiled.


  1. It's going to be wonderful. Somehow I can't see your hubby allowing you to do it all. He's going to be helping you with all that weeding and stuff. Kid power. Mustn't forget kid power...

  2. Saturday will be planting day here, one way or another :)

  3. This is my plan this year as well but I doubt it will happen quickly. We're away for 10 days so hopefully it dries out a bit more and we can get going on it when we get back. I miss having fresh veggies handy in my yard.

  4. Gardens are nice, but oh so much work! My 11 year old son insists that we have one every year, and he dutifully tends it. Otherwise, I probably would not have a garden at all! I'm thankful for his youthful ambition and help. Good luck with yours!

  5. He will be happy for the garden...for sure! We look forward to the weekly garden reports.

  6. So thankful I am not in this whole gardening thing alone! He does the clearing, he plants the taters, he weed whips around the edges. I reap what he sows! And then I can, freeze, dehydrate it all, or serve it up for supper!

  7. I'm glad about the front row seat and will be happy to observe.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the bounty!

  9. You are making way to much for yourselves...Invite over the grands and let them plant...then you will have a real conversation piece. I love my garden and am waiting to let them plant those potatoes....
    Enjoy your garden and watch it grow.

  10. That looks like a nice plot! We have our veggies in four raised beds, now that we have a deer fence. Are you not bothered by deer over there?

  11. my gardening a vegetable garden this year will consist of holding shares in a organic vegetable farm, and i get to pick up a box full of vegetables in season every week for 12 work, just the joy of fresh organic kind of gardening....:)

  12. I'm with Charlotte - picking up fresh vegegetables from all the local produce places is wonderful. Had a garden for years but takes oh so much time and upkeep! But then you have a husband that enjoys gardening:) We have acreage too but am not embarrased that we don't have a vegetable garden. I'll enjoy watching yours grow!

  13. There is nothing as good as your own garden ... I'll be watching yours.... and maybe, just maybe I might just happen to drive by when the vegtables are eating ready!

  14. Your soil looks grea fro just having tilled up a spot! Our soil here in the valley needs help, we have to add and work in extras:)Our family planted the garden this week too, love fresh veggies! Can't wait for the first red juicy tomato!!


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