picking apron colors

Yesterday I was leafing through a popular Style magazine at my hairdressers when I came across this result of a recent poll.  I perked right up and pulled out my point and shoot to show you.
Sure. ..their red is a bit orange but otherwise they are right on target with our cookbook colors.
Who knew? 

Last summer when the design began to form in my minds eye. ..
I decided I wanted to create aprons as a surprise for the girls.

In June . .
I spent hours at various fabric stores and quilting shops laying fabrics side by side to come up with 10 different aprons that would all work together.
The lady at the fabric store had patience and a gracious spirit as I flipped and flopped on my choices.

Once I had my bundle of fabric home I began to lay and cut the fabric and by that time I was beginning to wonder what had possessed me.
I  set aside a week from the actual recipe work to sew aprons and as they came together I could hardly wait to share with the girls what I now saw as the cookbook colors.

Then. ..
when they were all finished I went straight to the clothesline to pin them side by side. .
shoulder to shoulder. .
all unique. .
all beautiful . . .
and united in their common passion.

There are so many stories behind the scenes of the creation of the cookbook.
The stories will all be told over the next while by all of us.
Thank you for coming with us on our journey.
We'd love to meet you at one of our book signings.
For more information on that please click here.

all for now. .


  1. Lovella - I absolutely LOVE the aprons! In fact, I think you could "market" them.........the pattern is very flattering on each and every one of you and the theme is wonderful. My mother had many aprons (very similar to yours) and we each now have 1 or 2 of them. I wear them when baking - she wore hers almost always and when she put on her apron it was as though she meant business and was ready for a day of work!

  2. It would be lovely if one of your Manitoba ladies would do a book signing in Wpg., or did I miss something?

  3. Soooo, would you consider visiting New England so I can get my copy signed? LOL!

    The aprons are wonderful and they certainly do complement the cookbook colors. I spent some quiet, happy hours reading last night. I LOVE the pictures. They are just wonderful.

  4. I so appreciate my apron made lovingly by you! What a blessing you are to MGCC...

  5. Thank you, Lovella. What a special gift of time, significance, and now a reminder of the book. There is a part of us that speaks the same language when we don our aprons. I think aprons speak of being willing to serve and love on others through the language of food.

  6. Those were the "in" colors when our babies were new, remember? The cookbook must have tapped back into those color memories as you were carrying it like a baby close to your heart.

  7. Lovely colors --- and beautiful aprons! I ordered my book yesterday --- I can hardly wait!

  8. I truly LOVE the cookbook I have had to hide it from guests that start looking at it and want to take it home. Would you consider coming to The Catskills of NY so I could have mine signed? I love the aprons they are so pretty was wondering if you would share the pattern. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

  9. You did good, Lovella! You went with your intuition...and made up aprons in the colours that are just perfect...for the book and for each of us. And now it seems they are also perfectly in style!

    Thank-you. I will always treasure my apron-made-with-love-by-Lovella!

  10. The aprons are just lovely. I love the colors, the polka dots and the rick rack. What a nice thing to do for all of the "girls".
    If your tour finds it's way to North Carolina, I'll be the first in line.

  11. You have been a big part of the dream and spirit with us. We will forever be thankful and share these memories for year to come. Your vision and dreams have come to inspire many others to join around the family table.

  12. Love the new cookbook! Received mine yesterday from Amazon! Such a group of classy ladies!

  13. I wondered about the aprons on the front cover!!! Can't wait to see the book in person! Have just finished the tie and it is so cute! Must put elastic on it.....

  14. May I ask where you got the fabric,what collection is it from? Ihave been looking and cannot find anything that looks like yours! Love the book! Thank you! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com


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