on a rainy dreary monday

Yesterday in the morning I entertained questions from a reporter in Waterloo, Ontario.
It is such a privilege to be able to speak on behalf of the girls and to be trusted with telling our story. .
time and time again.
I am amazed at how time can go slow as molasses when I'm visiting my hygienist. .
or quick as a wink during an interview.
Same sixty minutes. .
different focus.

After lunch. .
I ran down to get a few groceries.
I met a few lovely girls who took a moment to stop me in the aisle.
They left me with a smile on my face and encouragement in my heart.

After having a sudden hunger for Kotletten. .
I prepared them for dinner.
As I was between batches in the frying pan.  .
I brought a fresh hot sample to my beloved where he was in the minutes before dinner.
He smiled. ..
I smiled. . .
I made him happy.

I've been told now a few times that the cookbook is being worked through one recipe at a time.
I too and making some recipes that I haven't made in a long while.

Food . ..memories and smiles. .
all on a rainy Monday.

all for now. .


  1. What beautiful pictures and a well written post. Kind words and the encouragement of friends always brighten a dreary day.

  2. Happy times aren't they?
    I looked at the pictures and thought your peonies were just slightly ahead of mine...and was surprised they were fuchsia instead!

  3. You're living a dream!

    What fun to bake one's way through the MGCC cookbook. I wish that I could afford the calories!

    I am making an exception to my no- Paska-unless-it's-Easter rule. One of my in-law's lost a sister yesterday. It seems like the lovely thing to do to bake Paska since my in-law has now learned its delights and has specifically requested it.

  4. I'm the one in the the hygenist's chair this morning. I'm sure she will be asking me questions too ... as I nod and squirm... but probably not about the cookbook.
    Sounds like your busy Saturday ran into a busy Monday .. with time to reflect on things that matter in the end. That's good.

  5. These are such gorgeous flower photos, Lovella! Your camera catches wonderful detail! Do you use a tripod or do you have a very steady hand?

    It is so wonderful to hear the good feedback about the cookbook and the interviews and promotions you participating in...so well deserved!

  6. It's a rainy dreary Tuesday here today....perhaps it is time to get out your cookbook and make some comfort food! I do love the book and have read it cover to cover.

  7. Lovella, those are gorgeous flowers ready to open up..
    Wish I could send you some sunshine, our week looks promising with sunshine promised every day.

  8. You found some beauty in a dreary, rainy Monday...and then Tuesday dawned bright and clear!

    What fun...baking and cooking your way through the cookbook.

  9. I paid my blog visit to your lovely blog this evening, and I am leaving it with a smile. From your exciting cookbook adventures, to your house update including that beautiful white bouquet, to the fact that you now have a vegtable garden. How do you do it all and with such ease and graciousness? I am one who is so thankful that you keep posting.


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