Old School Market

Saturday afternoon I took a drive out to the little village of Clayburn and visited the Old School Market. 


Every table was set up so beautifully.
Care had been taken in making the sale  a pleasure to walk through.
I bought an old muffin tin at this booth.

This one. . .I bought some fridge magnets.


I loved the flower displays at this booth. . .and will keep Willow Designs at Creekside in mind next time I need a posy.

At the Twig Home booth. ..I bought the beautiful old dresser scarf shown below.


I had to wonder about the person that took the time to knit this beautiful lace inset.
She had cared for this piece of linen so carefully over the years.

Pure white. . .for $5.99. .
I snapped it up.

In addition to another old muffin tin ..
I bought an old sign for my beloved's shop. .
and this beautiful tray. .
which will go perfectly with the vintage daisy jug and glasses I bought last year.
Lemonade anyone?

Lily and Rachel from Birch and Bird did a wonderful job organizing it all.
I met them at the door. .
chatted briefly with the lovely girls and carried on to do my shopping.
I took a picture of them together. .
but it was a blur. .so sad.

What is it about beautiful old things?
I enjoy them more. .
each year.

all for now. .


  1. Fun things from the 'good ole days'! That looks like a most interesting event.

    I didn't know about the market...but almost made a drive out to Clayburn to visit the General Store and the soap shop on Saturday.

  2. That looks like my kind of market. The displays really did look nice. I'm glad you found some treasures.

  3. What a charming place! Thank you for the peek into the Old School Market. I was intrigued by the knitted lace and appreciated the close up of it, too.

  4. Thank you for showing us your treasures. I love beautiful old things because they remind me of my Grandmother, Mom and growing up in a home where things were looked after so they lasted a good long time.

  5. Beautiful vintage displays! When is this on again? I love the dresser scarf too! Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by the market, Lovella! We are so thrilled with the response that we're already planning the next one!

  7. How I wish I had been able to join you. I love those sales...and I like your find.

  8. Looks like a lovely place (& way) to spend the day! Congrats on your great finds!

  9. Oh the vintage bug has bit... You certainly found some charming things; my favorite is the linen for a song. How pretty! And that cupcake bouquet is so unique and lovely.

  10. Now get a load of this..my comment didn't post yesterday.

    I have such happy memories of my one time visit to Clayburn with you.

  11. I just know I would have enjoyed spending hours browsing in a place like the "Old School Market". You made some great purchases.


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