May 1st

Yesterday we had coffee with friends.
Later in the afternoon after chores were done ..
we popped over to friends to dig up a small patch of asparagus  . . .
 to plant in our garden. (in the middle bottom picture)
Did you know it grows from year to year and reseeds itself?
While we wandered about their yard I captured a few photos of her ferns unfurling. .
her bleeding hearts. .primroses and winter roses.
We chatted easily. . .drinking in the first really warm spring Sunday.

I felt in a celebratory mood all day.
Our book lists it's publication date as May 1st.
We enjoyed a glorious day outdoors . .
grilling burgers and visiting the DQ for their new mini blizzard that only has just over 400 calories.
I say that with one eye brow slightly raised.
And then ..
we heard the breaking news that CNN was holding a special report and speculation quickly began.
We know now that Osama Binladen was killed.

All on the first day of May.
And now today  . .
Canadians go to the polls to vote on who should be our Prime Minister.

all for now ..


  1. Canadians switch up PMs often. There are years when I'd be willing to switch, too. This would be one of them. ☺ Am praying for your elections.

    Lovely mosaic! We haven't been hanging out at DQ too much, but Giffords is another story.

  2. Quite an amazing day for sure. I was wondering when your elections were going to be. I'll have to check out results in Victoria later. Blessings!

  3. May 1st was a glorious spring day...perfect for enjoying the garden and a DQ kind of blizzard! We had a patio full of people until the sun went down last night...had a BBQ and mud pie (well over 400 calories per slice, I'm sure!).

    Bin Laden...we watched the coverage late last night. We haven't heard the last...I'm sure!

  4. It seems as though you found a lovely way to begin the month of May. Your mosaic is beautiful and the photo of the fern getting ready to unfurl is particularly breathtaking.
    I am currently awaiting the arrival of my MGCC cookbook. I think today just may be the day. I can hardly wait.

  5. The mosaic captured the feeling of early spring...the plants just a bit bony after winter, but seeking to plush up with foliage with each day of sunshine.

    We were so concerned all our tulips would open while we were gone;three days of snow and even a hard freeze put the flowers behind schedule. Today I see them opening boldly in our sunshine. Bliss!

    Just read that both Hitler and Osama were declared dead on a May 1st. Interesting.

  6. There is something beautifully spring about ferns unfurling!

    Bin Laden - what his death will mean we do not yet know... but I can't help wondering -- What is Osama thinking now? To every man- one life, one judgement before God.

    and Yes.. the election today... may God watch over the outcome and bless our nation!

  7. Lovella, i am more jealous of your asparagus shoots than i can say :) Lucky you!! I'm planning on finally planting some next spring or this fall now that i finally have a bed ready for them. Anyway, just wanted to say i used your paska recipe and it was fantastic again, thankyou. Oh, and 2 of my friends were using it independently of me, so congrats on getting the word out! :) Hope you and yours are well.

  8. A beautiful day in May and then such startling news! I wish there could be an end to terrorism and innocent loss of life, but sadly that doesn't seem to be possible here on earth. It is always Cain against Abel.

    Hope the elections turn out well for Canada!

  9. I wonder how things will turn out? Such a surprising surge for the NDP in the polls.

    A lovely mosaic - we're behind in the spring dept, as usual, but it's coming . . . :)

  10. Oh.. how nice you will have fresh asparagus from your garden! Our ferns are dolling the same... I love those curled up tops.

    Lots of things happening.. from cookbooks to bin Laden news and elections.... things to keep us praying.

  11. Your mosaic is beautiful! The DQ treat seems like the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, along with coffee with friends.

  12. May has certainly come in with a bang. We eat so much asparagus I would need to buy a second lot to grow it in.


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