Yesterday the Canadians quietly went about their business of electing their federal government.
It seemed we had just done this. .
and indeed we did.
When a minority government is elected. . .
the minority parties are just itching to push for another election  ..
just in case they win next time.

So ..five weeks ago they teamed together to force an election and our country went through the process ..
once more.

By the time the polls closed on the west coast ..
the election was all but decided on the east coast.

We watched from the comfort of our couches. . .with our two views now before you.

This time. ..
there will be no force of election.
Our Member of Parliament who also happened to write a wonderful endorsement for our book. . .
is safely reinstated in his seat.

all for now ..


  1. I watched the CBC reports from BC and it looked like a decidedly conservative victory before I went to bed.
    Good news!

  2. I'm happy for you all. Glad our endorser is safely in his seat! Beautiful photo!

  3. The polls closed...and we had our results in no time. A majority government...what more could we ask?

  4. Well said. I was very surprised and happy to see the good news, "majority" this morning. Nice to "know" another proud Conservative Canadian.
    p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog and tho' I have much to improve on the looks of my Paska, I couldn't have baked it without you. Thanks again.

  5. Yes.. we are very excited about the results! We are thankful for this government and a strong, yet humble leader. Also thankful for our MP who represents us in government. We have much to be thankful for and need to continue to pray for wisdom and favor on their behalf.

  6. Having shared a number of classes with our MP during high school days... sort of makes it extra special to follow his political success.

  7. We were really happy with the results. Our prayers are that God will give our leaders wisdom.


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