Friday Live

Being invited up to the loft was a privilege.
I hedged a bit  .. ."wondering" if Grammie could climb all the way up there.
They are so innocent.. ..I simply can't resist pulling the Grammie line now and then.
They assured me I could do it.

Once safely up in the unfinished room above. . .
I saw that another had seen the possibilities of a safe co-existence.
So. . .I lifted my point and shoot high. . .
took a few snaps and quietly left the grands to continue on their play.

So that was last weekend and now we're beginning the May long weekend here in British Columbia.
Our tent is up. .
the BBQ has had it's spring cleaning. . .
and we'll enjoy some time out in the tent.

OH. ..just wondering. . .
Do any of you live in the WSVA listening audience in the Harrisonburg Virginia area?  I'll be doing a live interview there today at 3:10 ET. (12:10 PT).  I'd love to know you'll be listening.  If you don't live where you naturally would hear it on your radio. . .you can the podcast by clicking here

all for now. .


  1. Putting a sticky note on my computer right now! Thanks for the link. (We remember way back in the day when we could pull Wheeling, West Virginia with ease, but these days with all the stations and only so much bandwidth, we are no longer able to do so.)

    The eggs are such a wonderful color blue. I can tell that the grands are being very careful with their little charges. What a sweet invitation!

  2. oh what a lovely treasure of spring to find!!! I hope they hatch and you get another picture!!! Also love their playhouse!

  3. I will be listening...make us all proud Lovella!

    I am so amazed at how the bird laid eggs to match the play house paint color. A regular Martha Steward of the bird world you've got there!

  4. Sweet loft - perfect for children, and for some, for child-rearing!

  5. What beautiful eggs! Glad grammie could make it all the way up there! Looking forward to hearing about the interview.

  6. I am DROOLING at the photo of that play set.

  7. YAY!!!!! I just got to hear your interview on the radio!!! It was so fun!! Glad it fit into my schedule. We are off to piano so can't stick around to hear if there are any phonecalls.

  8. That was great fun! You have a lovely voice and friendly way about you. I'm sure that he found you a great guest able to answer his questions without his having to do all the work. I enjoyed what he shared about reading Lovina Eicher's mother's column back in the day. Now I want to read some, too. I'm just curious that way. Thanks for allowing us to tag along.

  9. Lovella, I heard your voice loud and clear! I was picking up my boys from school at 3:00 and told them we had to hurry out to the van so that we could hear Lovella on the radio. And when we turned on the radio, there was your lovely voice! So exciting. You did a great job!

  10. I hurried to the computer at work so I could hear your interview, how nice it was to finally put a voice to the picture, Thanks so much for letting all of us tag along on this great adventure.

  11. Is that you stooped and peeking out the playhouse window?
    Have the little ones figured out how to order Grammie's take-out yet? I think they deliver.
    Enjoy the summer house! :)

  12. This is a wonderful play gym! Your grands must love it.

    Thanks for the podcast link Lovella --I am listening to it now. What a "radio voice" the interviewer has! Your voice sounds so pretty.

  13. What a cute playground set!!! And how special about the nest with the eggs ... such a nice photo!

  14. "The May long weekend here..."

    You guys get a three day weekend every month!

  15. wonderful to have a 'guest room' there.


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