flapping in the breeze

In my absolute delight in finishing the project of the aprons. . .
on a perfectly blue sky day. .
I immediately took them outside and hung them up.
There was not a speck of thought in which order they should go. . .
nor did I put much thought in how to hang them up.
I did think of each girl as I attached them to the line with clothespins. .
much like I thought of each of them when I had my apron assembly line.

The wind picked up and flapped them more than they needed to flap.
They twisted and blew right over and I had to unpin them and un-flip them and wait for the wind to die down.
All the while. .
it is a pity that no one photographed me laying on the driveway underneath the line ..
and then to the side . .
from one end and then the other.
The hedge and the power lines on the neighbors property irked me.
I unpinned the aprons and pinned them on facing the opposite direction and lay down next to the hedge to try to capture them against only blue sky.
I ran back in ...
loaded the pictures on the computer and analyzed the result.
Though it was marginally improved. .
I couldn't be satisfied since when I look out my window. .
it is the hedge and the neighbors power lines I see. .
and I wanted it to feel real.

Feeling at last as though the wind and the sun angle both cooperated. .
I clicked. . .
removed the aprons from the line. .
folded them neatly. .

and called the project complete.

The rest of the story is on Mennonite Girls Can Cook today.

all for now. . .


  1. Finally had a peek at the cookbook! My menu plan for the week is completely taken from the pages. Gorgeous book! I just wish it was spiral bound for easy viewing on the counter :)
    Maybe after you sell out of hard cover you'll go onto the paperback version!

  2. And we wear these signature aprons with honor...no washing, no ironing, just preserve them at the dry cleaners so that they will always look new...
    I hope today that today we can all flap in the breeze as the sun is shining..

  3. It was truly an inspired idea Lovella and has become our signature! Thank you. Ihave washed mine and it has stood the test - still looking terrific.

  4. The aprons on the line make such a happy scene.
    Glad you were in a picture taking mood that day when you finished sewing!

  5. Like Bev said...an inspired idea!

    And the skies are always that clear and blue above your clothesline, right?

  6. A sure sign of a true photographer --- pesky power lines --- they always annoy me! I love your book cover. Especially 'cause my aunt had a line just like yours. I wish I had one...I've asked...but haven't got too far. :D Maybe I should take matters into my own hands.

  7. Did this photo became the cover of the cookbook! It was such a wonderful idea!

  8. Now I would enjoy watching you get the right shot. I've just gone to the cookbook to see the rest of the story. Of course, I am curious and need to read the rest of the story. It's an inspired picture and I hope that you all have a framed copy of it in your kitchens.

  9. It was so exciting the day you revealed the aprons to us and we all tied them on for the first time at Judy's. Thank you for that gift...along with some trim from your mom's sewing box. I just love the aprons on the line....and glad they are on the front cover of the book.

  10. I'm getting more and more excited to actually see it in person!!!!

  11. Great job Lovella. Love those aprons flapping in the breeze!

  12. I don't think that at the moment you took those pictures, you knew it would be a cover photo ... one of the enjoyments of photography is just never knowing how that photo will be the perfect one for a cetain time.

  13. I just ordered your book on-line at Amazon- USA! I can't wait to see it. What a nice idea with the aprons, and you did such a great job on them! You all must be very pleased with the fruits of your hard work! Well done girls.

  14. ahhh...
    nothing better than a real washline to photograph a bit of art on!!


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