drip dry

I'm not complaining about the weather when our only concern is drip drying.
I was struck last night when I was sent emails from several different friends while I was in church with my beloved . . .
mentoring engaged couples.
The emails requested prayer for loved ones in the possible paths of tornadoes.
Earlier in the day I saw CNN warn the Indianapolis area of severe storms and so I quickly sent out an email to another blog friend who I know lives in that area. .
letting her know that I would be praying.

Blogging was not invented to be a prayer chain. ..
but God can make anything beautiful.  .
in his own time.

all for now . ..


  1. Yesterday, here in the Kansas City area, I was very thankful for technology. I sat in my home and watched live pictures of a HUGE wall cloud spinning, trying to form tornado's....then succeeding. The weatherman gave street by street locations as those tornado's moved north towards our youngest daughter. Then two more headed towards my husband's office and our oldest daughters office. I asked for prayer everywhere I could. It was horrible watching it...watching, praying and waiting. Thankfully all five of our family, including me were kept safe from the tornado's that touched down VERY close to us. It was quite a WILD day. It was so comforting to know that blogging friends and Facebook friends FAR from our location were praying with us.
    Today the sun finally came out, the rain has quit and thus begins the cleanup....although many are still missing from the Joplin Missouri storm that hit Sunday.
    God have mercy and help us not so easily forget once the initial disaster has passed. Thinking of Haiti, Japan, Alabama, Joplin, Reading Kansas, Oklahoma...so many rebuilding....be all they need God!

  2. I am totally in awe at how these tornadoes move...the speed and the intensity and now we are watching and looking for so many missing people. We need to pray protection for these family in these devastating times, and like Pam said, These places need rebuilding and they need God. It's in times like these that many turn their hearts to God.
    Thanks for sharing these world wide concerns.

  3. Pam . .thanks for sharing your story. One of the emails praying for your family came from Kansas. .so I was praying for you and didn't know it. So thankful you were spared.

  4. My family members in Louisville Kentucky had quite a scare. Reading an "all's well" from them on FB was a relief. Watching (the weather channel ) and praying for areas and loved ones was interesting; made me think of what it would be like if we could see spiritual storms tracked like that.
    We wrestle against unseen things for now, I believe there will come a day when our foe will be as apparent as a weather system tracked on doplar radar.

  5. PS: When we lived in Dallas I watched on TV as a tornado traveling down a street just blocks away from Laura who was on her cell phone talking to me while curled up in her bathtub. I could tell her were the twister was moment by moment as her power was out. Bernie was at the same moment flying over the tornado top. He said the pilot alerted everyone to take a look at the towering cloud form. Meanwhile my house was having the roof destroyed by hail. It was so crazy.

    Downtown Ft. Worth had another tornado in the same system that day; all the glass on all the high rise office buildings was stripped. The next day we saw the ground there covered in almost a foot of broken glass, citywide. It looked like some one had dumped tons of ice that glittered in the post storm heat.

  6. It does make for a quite effective prayer chain... Although I lived for nearly three years in a tornado town, I never experienced anything like what is going on these days. I do recognize a tornado sky with its eerie green cast. Prayers continue and will be needed for days and weeks to come. The stress and emotional toll is almost as devastating as the physical losses. It's been informative reading your commenters' stories today...

  7. Though we live far away from the tornadoes...we are not so far removed. It seems we all know someone who has family out there...and many in the blogging community are living with the horrors of the destruction left by the storms. My prayers go out to all of you whose lives are being affected by the tornadoes.

  8. Technology really does bring the world closer and I pray that it is used for good more and more. Enjoying the ray of sunshine we are having right now. Blessings on your day, Lovella!

  9. Blogging does really function as a prayer chain of sorts! Thanks again for your prayers. We did sit in bed late last night listening to reports and wondering if we should wake the children and head downstairs. We finally deemed it safe enough to stay put. One never knows though.....

    Mentoring engaged couples!!! Such a wonderful ministry! If I lived close by you'd be mentoring me in person rather than just virtually. :)

  10. The tornadoes have been terrible this season with so much death and destruction. It is so nice when the Internet can help many pray for those in need and offer help afterwards.


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