celebrating and signing

Before we  started our celebrations in earnest on Friday night. .
I asked the girls to grab their book and come outside with me for a photo.
I gave clear and concise directions that we all have one husband at a time do the picture op.
Ellen is cracking me up in this picture.  I'm not sure what Marg was doing.
It was the best one.
You should see the rest.

Everyone wants to know what we had for dinner.
We had Greek Marinated roasted Cornish Hens
Swiss Chard Rolls
Greek Lemon Potatoes
Grilled Veggies
Marg's Greek Salad
Bev's Cabbage Salad

Bev made the most fantastic Coconut Prawns which are in the book . .
and Anneliese brought her delicious Roasted Red Pepper Artichoke Dip. ..
and a beautiful Fruit Plate
Kathy brought some bread and Tzatziki Dip ..
Julie brought a Green Bean Dish . .
Betty brought some famous cheese from Steinbach . .

and Judy brought fantastic Rhubarb Pies for dessert.

Saturday morning we started signing books at Winks.
Winks is her nickname but I know her as Wendy.  She was the most gracious hostess in her store.
OH what a lot of fun in such a beautiful store. If you haven't visited it and live in the valley you really must go take a browse.
One of the my most treasured moments in this store was when the two young women I am seated with on the steps came in to have me sign books.
They were probably my first cooking students.  Way back when they were in elementary school ..I taught a group of students how to make cinnamon buns. . .they were in that class.
That was probably about 20 years ago.
I know there is a photo of that class somewhere. ..and I aim to find it.

Later in the morning I went to other signing spot of the day  ...Lepp's Farm Market.
They were serving up Borscht ...Farmer Sausage Bubbat and Bienenstich in their kitchen in honor of the book signing event. 
We enjoyed constant visits from friends we had never met and were thrilled to find had travelled a considerable distance to meet us.
We enjoyed some very special visits from family and friends and we were quite amazed that we hardly had time to sip a cup of coffee. ..never mind eat Borscht. .Bubbat and Bienenstich.

My favorite moment of that day was when Grandgirlie carried in her book and thrust it in my direction.
I knelt down and she hugged me tight.
Stuart. ..my son is pictured with me in the center picture as I sign their book.

We had a wonderful weekend together and then said goodbye to our out of town girls.
And tonight?
We will be at House of James  for a book launch party.
There will be a short chat . .
and the girls will be bringing some fresh baked treats to help celebrate.
We'd love it if you would come.

all for now . .


  1. It certainly looked like you girls were having fun. It was so nice to meet and chat a little with you Lovella, and I think I may have spotted the "whitely-outlined" yard as we flew out of Abbotsford.

  2. What was I looking at? I was looking back at the shop where all the good food was waiting for us LOL!!
    Hilarious. What a fun time!

  3. Oh I'm all smiles. Love your catching up with friends from the past and with former students and new friends. The sweetest of all was having your own little Grandgirlie arrive. That is precious!

  4. Oh...such good memories of a fun weekend together!

    I'm smiling at your failed attempts to have all ten of us facing in the same direction. Too funny!

  5. Was it like herding cats?
    I so wish there had been audio video to capture some of the quips that must have been tossed about, by both the girls and the guys. Maybe especially the guys.

    Did the guys all come to the book signings too? I would have been talking to them if they had, finding out which were their favorite recipes.

  6. So fun to relive the days through your post! And yes. we do have to figure out how to take a photo when there is a line up of husbands taking them at the same time. I had some funny ones too, besides the lens being fogged up.

  7. Looks like a fantastic gathering! I love the framed photo of the girls-what an incredible experience! :)

  8. A wonderful weekend to be had by all of us...too many directions and to many chiefs Lovella. I noticed that not even the men could listen...they all chose selective hearing...
    Inspite of the photo we had a great time and I expect more to come...but I only hope at a slower pace.

  9. What exciting times!!! Thanks for sharing all about it and the pictures! Can't wait to see mine!

    Happy mother's Day!! Hope you had a special one!

  10. How I wish I could coem to a book signing! If you ever come to NYC I'll be there!

  11. The pictures are all so interesting and look like you are all having so much fun. I can't help thinking about how impressed your son and grandgirlies must have been when they visited. I had to smile at your group photo attempt. I can totally relate to that experience.


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