Book Signing at Grandpappy's

Day one of book signing was a great success.
I picked up Anneliese and the two of us headed east up the valley to join our Eastern Valley friends for a book signing event at Marg's niece's store which is called Grandpappy's.

With our dinner party arranged in Terry's shop for Friday we squealed with delight when Betty walked in and surprised us one day early.

The girls had whipped up some pans of Platz for tasting and Marg and her niece Brandy did a ceremonial feeding of the Platz for a picture op.

We were kept busy signing piles of books.
If you get a  book for Mother's Day ..
try to act surprised. 

What did I love most?
I had no idea what it would mean to have people I haven't seen in years make a point of coming. .
buying books and having me sign them.

There is no book signing today but we'll be at Winks Saturday morning at 9 -2:30.
Lepp Farm Market at 11 - 4
and at House of James for  a book launch party . . " a bit of a talk" and some signing beginning at 7.

I wish all the mom's out there a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.
I hope you feel tremendously loved.


  1. This must be so much fun for all of you! I love the happy smiles on both you and the customers. So many Mothers will be very happy with their MGCC Cookbook present this weekend!

  2. It looks like you all had a good time. I just heard my book shipped this week and can't wait to get it.Happy cooking.

  3. I'm so pleased for all of you! Sounds like you're all having a wonderful time! Rec'd my book last week and LOVE it! I think I may order a couple more for my daughter's Christmas gifts.


  4. I was so thrilled yesterday to get not the 2 or 3 signatures I expected, but 8! You looked so cool in your matching aprons! I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time flipping through the book - it looks wonderful! And, with all the commotion, signing, and picture taking going on, I did not say something important: Congratulations to you all on this great project! Dairymary

  5. This I know for a fact, your Mother would be so proud of you this Mother's Day. God sure is opening up some very special opportunities for all of your Mennonite Girls. It is so much fun that you are including us in it all. Thank you!

  6. A great success --- with more to come! Happy Mother's Day to you, Lovella. Take time to bask in the sunshine of all those friends who are coming by to see you at signings. That's awesome!

  7. What a sweet wish for Mother's Day. Thank you. I know that the entire MGCC clan will have a wonderful day since you're feeling the love early and for days in a row. Have a delightful weekend! (Anyone who is receiving a MGCC cookbook will LOVE it.)

  8. So proud of you, girl....
    Happy Mum's Day to you. xo

  9. How fun to share this with you and the girls.


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