Book Launch Party at House of James

On Monday evening at 7 pm the Mennonite Girls Can Cook went to House of James for our book launch party and book signing.

Arriving early, we were met with a parking lot full of cars and a group hanging out by the signing table.

Friends  and family who already had their book signed ..
came to be there for what they understood would be a special time for us.

It was truly quite wonderful to see a room full of people opening their books for the first time all around the room. . .
reading and talking together with friends.

They even had a viewing area for those that had mixed feelings about what really mattered on Monday night.

They listened to me talk about how the blog and book began. .
and we entertained questions to the "panel" of girls.

Once there were no more books available to sign. .
we signed the towel of the event that we were competing for attention that night.

all for now. .


  1. What a schedule you all have these days! I'd have passed up the game any day - and it looks like lots did!

  2. Oh? Was there a playoff hockey game that night? Who knew?
    Congrats to all of you.

  3. (Oh I can't believe that I didn't leave a comment after being stuck all this call from my sister. They always go long and now you know just HOW long. ☺ )

    It has been soooo much fun to read here, and at Judy's, and at Ellen's to get each different take on the event. It looks as if you gals had a wonderful turnout for this one and it is very exciting that you sold out of books and had to sign t-shirts. Pretty incredible.

    Love the photo of you and Terry, too.

  4. It was a wonderful evening!

  5. I will always remember this evening!

  6. Love enjoying this event through all your photos!!


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