anyone can . .

When we run and do errands together in large stores .. .
we always find each other once we're both done.
He is always browsing hot rod magazines and now and then a magazine catches my eye and I give it a quick page through.

The cover on this one caught my eye but not because of the food.
I liked the claim that anyone can cook.
It's true.

I've been sent every possible variation of the title Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
I've been alerted to copycat titles that are enjoying some attention. . .
on various sites . .
but the reality is. . .
in the end . ..
it's just like the title claims. .
anyone can cook.
I'm glad of it.

all for now ..


  1. I like that! Whose food would we enjoy if that were not the case? But.. those who cook are not just anyone anymore, are they? I can see why that title would have caught your eye!

  2. I agree, if you can read, you can follow a recipe! Great post!

  3. Not sure I agree with the title of this cook book - some people, try as hard as they might, even though they can read, simply cannot cook - anything tasty that is! There's no love or passion to do so. Some may argue that they CAN cook, but IMHO really, they ought not, LOL!

    I do agree with your cookbook title - Mennonites have always been known to cook interesting and tasty dishes. I'm sure there will be more take offs on your title - I can think of quite a few - but won't mention them.

    And now you've advertised the BH&G book for free! Great post!

  4. Anyone can cook but not everyone can cook well.
    I agree with Karin that if there isn't a love or passion for the ingredients, the process and the results then you can serve food but it will lack the qualities that make us talk about how good it was afterward.

  5. I thought too it was just a matter of following the recipe...and using a little imagination and creativity along the way...but Karin and Lori might just have it right. 'Love and passion' while preparing food are necessary. I like that!

  6. Yes...anyone can... some do it passionately.
    I think it's a lot easier to cook than to bake. You know stuff like pies and breads...there seems to be more of an art to those things :0)

  7. Did you put restrictions around our signature Name? I'm sure that everyone has seen our title and it is so popular...hopefully we are making more royalties for our orphanage in Ukraine...

  8. Anyone who can read and understand what is meant by the terms used in a recipe indeed can cook, or at least they can cook if cooking holds their interest long enough to complete all the steps in the recipe.

    Sadly, some who call themselves cooks lack an understanding of the associated skills needed for food safety. Frankly don't we all wish such uninformed types would just use what is available in the grocery store's frozen food section when home cooked meals are needed?

    Then there are those who get distracted easily and kitchen disasters tend to ensue.
    Not that I personally have ADD or anything like tha... hey look! There's a hummingbird at the feeder! Gotta run get my camera...

  9. No, no, not everyone can cook, which is why John wondered if you gals might just send food and "cut out the middleman." I think that means me and the cookbook. ;>

  10. Thank goodness anyone can cook. It seems they are creating such simple recipe books now. I am so thankful for all different degree of cooking books, and I am thankful for those who so skillfully create the books so people like me can buy them. I have a collection and I am thrilled with it, (including my latest"Mennonite Girls Can Cook"). Great post!

  11. My Mom always told us that when she got married she could "not even boil water," and unfortunately that fact did not improve much with time. She just didn't like to cook very much and my Dad was the one who cooked most meals. Fortunately, I and my siblings liked to try cooking from an early age and we all succeeded at it. :)


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