writers block cure

I've taken some wisdom from Kanneloni Macaroni.
I asked her. . ."what do you do when you can't think what to write?"
She answered in a clear voice.  (with a bit of a German accent).
  1. Keep your pen tied to your writing pad . . .so it doesn't get lost.
  2. Read something that inspires you.
  3. Bake some Paska to see if you still know how.  ( I wondered here if she was tricking me)

Happy April Fools Day.  :)

All for now. .


  1. Ohh .. Lovella ! you got me !!!! Not fair ! giggle...
    But the picture is real, right ? smile

  2. I wondered .... yes ... you got me too!

  3. That was a nasty trick blogger was playing. You don't know how many buttons I pushed. Of course, that way, I discovered that I can send an email to you right here at your post. I never knew that before.

    I just love Kanneloni Macaroni's hair color. She is so sweet. And if she suggested, in a German accent no less...yes, right,... that you might wish to be thinking about Paska, I'm certain that that's a very good idea.

    When shopping yesterday, I was considering the citrus choices for Paska. Our options haven't been the best in that regard. The lemons actually look the best, but I've always used a thin-skinned orange before. I don't know...

  4. OK..You got the best of us.

  5. Tee hee!

    I was thinking she was a "genius!" :D

  6. Trust you to fool us! Fun times.....and does your house have the smell of citrus today?

  7. Cute!! Love her little curls.

    Mmm mm Paska time!!

  8. I believe the last recommendation!


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