waiting for a hatch

We had two scheduled hatch days here at the farm.
Sunday ..Grandgirlie prepared her nests and settled the eggs with the momma hen sitting pretty.
She inspected the bag from whence the eggs were produced and noted the picture of the open egg and declared them to be edible.
She seemed satisfied to swipe an egg or two from under the unsuspecting hen.

Yesterday it was the Lil' Farm Hands and Kanneloni Macaroni's turn to prep nests.
They nested the eggs carefully and placed the hen to keep them warm . .
and then came back every now and then to inspect for a hatched chick.

I explained that the eggs were just for pretend. .
but that lil' farm hand knows eggs and was not easily dissuaded from his nest watch.

In time. .
the nests remained intact ..
but the bag was found. .
and the weight of its contents was adjusted.

All for now ..


  1. So cute! We still have to make our hatching happen over here. And we will need to stay away from coconut 'grass'...due to Maggie's allergies.

  2. Oh what fun! Maybe while we wait for our paska dough to rise on Saturday I'll have my big girls make baskets with grass and eggs :0)

  3. such fun for the kids. In the back of my pantry my peeps and box of krispies are hiding...along with a bag of eggs. This week...some time?! I'm with Judy.....I need to do these when Brando is sleeping....allergies here too. He gets dry puffed rice.....but he loves it! Your blondies are really cute!

  4. Sweet years. It won't be ling before the lad will prefer to blow them up in the the mocrowave instead.

    I saw the latest picture of peep with tuxedo and jewelry piped on. Putting bling on the birds sounds fun to me.

  5. Note to those with coconut allergies: Shredded wheat biscuits work great and can be misted with green food coloring.

  6. Oh fun times! Love the looks of intentness on their faces...this seems like serious business.

  7. Sweet! I wish my girls were still little !

  8. Cute little nesties and grandies. How fun for you! It must be so nice to have the little ones around and living so near that they can visit routinely.

    Enjoy a blessed day!

  9. 'Weight of the contents was adjusted'..love that line and understand it totally:) Such fun!


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