Ruffles Satin and Chiffon

There is so much focus on Katherine's gown.
I can't help but wonder myself if she'll wear lace or satin .. .chiffon or silk.
With arms partly covered and her cleavage hidden . .
she'll be a princess bride and her dress will be copied and recreated by morning.
The last time there was a royal wedding I had a toddler and a baby and valued sleep above watching the nuptials during the night.

I wonder whether they have sought marriage counselling and have marriage mentors to keep them accountable and that care that their marriage will thrive.
I hope and pray that they put as much effort into their marriage as they do on the day that the world will watch.  I hope the words quoted from the Bible on their wedding day will seep into their soul and will come back to them when their young love fades and the world watches with a critical eye to see them fail.

Someday perhaps in my lifetime we will sing "God save the King" to the handsome young prince.
I pray the bride of his youth will be by his side and will hold his hand.

I thought it might be a wonderful thing if believers around the world could pray for this young couple .  ..
for all they are and all they could become.

all for now ..


  1. "Someday perhaps in my lifetime we will sing "God save the King" to the handsome young prince.I pray the bride of his youth will be by his side and will hold his hand."

    What a lovely thought Lovella - I'm praying along with you!

    (Guess I don't have to get up until 6 - since I usually am up then, I'll probably put the tea on and join in the festivities!)

  2. You found a 'princess of a daffodil' to photograph! Most fitting.

    I'll join you in praying that theirs is more than a 'wedding'...that it is a marriage that lasts for a lifetime.

  3. The daffodil is beautiful by the way!

  4. I certainly think they have a better chance than his parents had. Watching the old footage of their engagement announcement when Charles snickered when asked if he loved Diana..."What is love anyway?" Oh dear. That was hopeless from day one. While I love to royal watch, I think it is an incredibly abnormal life being born "royal" that is. Yes, they'll need prayer with all the extra demands. I certainly wish them all the best.

    Are you preparing a viewing party?

  5. Amen to that! They do seem to have had a much better start than his parents did.

  6. Well, I am am American and I pray along with you Lovella. I certainly hope that when Elizabeth passes, everyone passes over Charlie and crowns William the King. I watched a clip with the gal from the US covering the wedding and a gal from BBC that this couple show signs of really being in love and more together than his dad and mom were.
    I pray for their marriage having integrity and love and staying together, as Judy said in her comment.
    Thank you for letting me share my opinion...Would that our country had some integrity these days.

  7. Lovella, you reminded me that we are supposed to pray for kings and those in authority ...
    You said it well . . . and I like how your dream about what the dress will look like. Goodness... I do not even know the difference between satin and silk.

  8. My mom collected news clippings of the Royal family all her life. My mother in law shook hands with the Queen in Victoria. Our daughter was born the day that Charles and Di got married. I've been following much of this weeks stories. I too share your thoughts....from dress to the main thing.....the heart. Commitment! I too pray as you do. Glad you shared your thought and your hopes for them. Well said.

  9. Prayer is a good idea! we will do that.

  10. I join with you in praying, have been praying for a while, will someone share with them that they can have a wonderful relationship with their heavenly Father? I hope and pray so, the very thing that keeps you grounded when the storms come or your heart struggles to love...


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