pink and blue day

Yesterday, mid afternoon . .
the clouds opened. ..
and behind them. . .
was blue.

I have been waiting  .. .
and waiting. .
and was ..
not. .
dissapointed. . .

Thank you God for the beauty of pink blossoms against blue sky!

all for now. .


  1. That is a beautiful sight....I'm hoping for lots of those blue skies this weekend.

  2. The pink and blue days have arrived! I hear that you are expecting higher temperatures over your way - I hope we'll follow suit!

  3. That is a wonderful picture and I'm certain that it warmed your soul to the core. I'll just keep visiting blogs to see amazing blooms. I don't see much chance of seeing them here before another month or six weeks.

  4. So beautiful! I love the puffy pink blossoms! I looked at your lovely photo --- and then outside my living room window. Nope, my cherry tree still looks like winter --- but yours gives me hope!

    Enjoy your day, Lovella.

  5. Your photo put a smile on my face. I join you in thanking God for the beauty of a blue sky and a most gorgeous pink tree.
    Enjoy your day.

  6. Picture perfect! You are using that SLR! Looks fantastic.

  7. Breathtaking! Great shot!!

  8. What a beautiful flowering tree and an equally impressive photo! Thanks for bringing spring into my office today.

  9. So beautiful...I know God loves pink when I look at the blossoms of spring!


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