Palm Sunday

Oh Sacred Head, Now Wounded

verse two
 What language shall I borrow
To thank thee dearest Friend,
For this thy dying sorrow,
Thy pity without end ?
Oh make me thine forever!
And should I fainting be,
let me never,
Out live my love for thee!

Bernard of Ciarvaux 1091-1153
translated James Alexander 1830


  1. Such a beautiful hymn. O let me never, never, out live my love for thee!

  2. One of my favourite hymns - and prayers. Thanks Lovella <3

  3. Great words for this Palm Sunday. I love those old hymns....I can still hear choirs and churches full of worshipers singing this song in harmony.

  4. What a beautiful prayer - I'm going to write that out and post it where I can read it every day. Thank you Lovella.


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