out doing deliveries

Yesterday first thing in the morning we loaded up the truck and headed out for breakfast and deliveries.

I'll be adding a link on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook in the next few days with info on retailers that we have been told will sell the book.
For now. ..these are the ones that we did drop offs locally in the valley.

If you go to the store and they haven't put them out yet. .
it is possible they are saving them for something special. .
but it never hurts to ask.

This Ten Thousand Villages is in Langley British Columbia. .
do you have one in your neck of the woods?

Judy and Marg dropped off a few books on their way home yesterday
They stopped at Neufeld Farms.  .Grandpappy's Furniture . .

. .and Winks.

The rest of the day flew past with emails ..
book signing arrangements ..
and fun phone calls. .
and . .
one date out for dinner.

It was a good day ..
a very good day.

All for now. .


  1. You have been a busy girl! So glad Terry has that nice truck for these deliveries :0)

  2. So cool! I am hoping for one for mothers day :)

  3. Well I am just going to imagine the deliveries were made using the Merc. Cute mental image, just not practical.

    Buying the book from local stores has got to be a whole lot more satisfying than punching in an Amazon order. Wish I was buying garden flowers and the book together at that one place...

  4. I have just read through your last few posts and want to tell you how happy and excited I am for you and the rest of the MGCC's. It has been so fun to follow along as your beautiful cookbook went from a thought to reality. Enjoy every moment of this happy time.

  5. You just sound crazy busy. You have to deliver your own books? That's wild! I am praying that they'll sell like hotcakes, like Paska, like crazy.

  6. Looks Great and Now we can add Grand Pappy's in Chilliwack. Yea!

  7. Mine arrived today in the mail I started reading it and couldn't put it down. I am so glad I ordered two copies from the company I have a special young lady who will love the book also. i odered mine from the Mennonite Publishing Network. Thanks Girls for all of your hard work I know many will enjoy the MGGC Cookbook.

  8. The excitement just keeps building. It's such a gorgeous book I'm sure it will fly off the shelves and your dream of feeding children will be realized. Congratulations Lovella!

  9. I'm eager to see mine coming in the mail soon....ordered them early this week! Hooray!


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