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I am posting early today.  Some of you are no doubt up in the middle of the night to witness the marriage ceremony of Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton.

I was not yet born when my mom sipped her tea and read the headlines in the newspaper on Princess Elizabeth's Coronation to become Queen of England and the Commonwealth.

Her teacup remained  a cherished item in her china cabinet and was used only on special occasions when she would set her table with her other assorted tea cups.

I might not have  a tea cup to commemorate Prince William and Kate's wedding day. ..
but I'll remember this day as long as I live.

I've not slept very soundly myself . .watching the Royal Wedding . .but I have another reason as well.
I have a live radio interview at 7:10 am this morning.
There might be a few folks that are listening to radio instead of watching the royal wedding recap.
I hardly need to be nervous.

Can you make the grooms cake? 
Mennonite Girls Can cook. .can. and you certainly can too.

This afternoon I am attending high tea. . .
with the women in my life. .
that matter most.

all for now. .


  1. Singing "God Save the Queen" with you Lovella! Wasn't it a lovely Christ-honouring worship service. May God bless them! I'm happy to be part of the Commonwealth today :)

    All the best in your radio interview!

  2. I'll snag that recipe for sure...it's no-bake I've heard.

    May your interview go very well. I'm praying right now so I won't forget.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Have fun at the tea today Lovella. I have the live feed going while I'm typing looking forward to your interview. Not watching the wedding until Katie wakes up and we turn the DVR on... :0)

  4. Great radio interview, Lovella! Now sit back and have a slice of that yummy looking cake.

  5. So excited with you about the tea! Have a great time!

  6. You have a very busy day. I'm sure you will do a great job in your interview. Praying for many, many books to sell!

    I love your commemorative teacup. I wonder how many different ones there are?


  7. I hope your interview went well, Lovella! I love your special teacup -- I was born not long after Queen Elizabeth's coronation! I'm definitely going to copy down the cake recipe --it looks so delicious.

    Thank you for putting my comments on the special MGCC page. Judy told me about that :) I hope to do a blog review of the cookbook as soon as I have a chance to cook some recipes from the cookbook. Life has been a little hectic since I came back from my trips.

  8. What a great day it was!!! Can't say enough about how wonderful the wedding was and how impressed I am with Kate, and her choices for the wedding. The biscuit cake looks terrific!!! The best we did was to spend $5.50 on a small bunch of chocolate digestives -- quite a treat!!! But, we made scones and fruit cake and salmon spread. :) Will post pictures soon.


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