grammies wardrobe

These pictures are from my files of earlier this month.
When the grands spend time at the farm I pull out their farm clothes before taking them outside.
I think it's time to buy some new ones soon since the "cozy pants" are looking more like pedal pushers.

In my pocket. .
I put my snap and shoot camera. .
and some tissues ..
and out we go.

I have a growing assortment of rubber boots.. .
a selection of light weight zip up jackets with hoods. .
and a few T-shirts in varying sizes.

The funny thing is. .
they like their farm clothes.
When we come back inside. .
we they strip down to our skivvies in the laundry room ..
and if my timing is right. .
we they put on their choice of a selection of cozy jammies for naps.
I have toddler panties and boxer shorts for the toddlers. .
and nappies and wipes for the wee one.

I smiled the other day when I found a few oldie goldie children's clothes that my mom had in her wardrobe.
I wonder if those favorite red and green jackets will live to see another generation too.

all for now. .


  1. The beautiful eyes...that is not a 'point & shoot' photo, is it? Love the colour!

    Every Grammy needs a supply of play clothes...for sure.

  2. Love it! How smart to keep those play clothes ready!

  3. Now that is a good idea! I should do likewise because there's always an incident of some kind or another. What cute pictures of your grands you always take.

    I loved what you had to say about your dream this morning in my comments. What a wonderful dream! All you can do is all that you have done and the rest is up to God. I'm very sure that He's got big some big dreams/plans.

  4. I re-learned the skills of diaper changing when I was in Colorado with my grandsons. It is not a task easily forgotten :). Little boys love their hands in the dirt and their pockets full of treasures don't they? It's such a fun age.

  5. Kids and dirt....they mix well.

  6. My mom has 'gardening' clothes for Liam at her house too. Then when I pick him up after work the only tell tale sign of a day in the sandbox are his happy stories!

  7. I'll have to start my collection now.


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