friendship loaves

Yesterday I was holed up in my sewing closet working on my doll clothes. 
I kept glancing outside at the sunshine and wondered at my timing to begin a project just as the sun was making a rare appearance.
I kept one eye on the clock and noticed it was about 2 pm  . break time for my beloved.
Minutes later I heard a good solid knock on the kitchen door and recognized my cue to get the coffee pot on.
I walked into the kitchen and glanced at the door and was pleasantly surprised to see Marg.
She had a gift bag in hand and a few minutes to spare so the coffee was started and I opened my gift.
Enclosed was a zip loc bag of gooey batter . ..
a small wrapped loaf ..
and a recipe  (of course).

A while back she had posted that she was making friendship loaves that we all had growing on our counters in the 80's. I mentioned I wouldn't mind a bit of her batter ..and so she drove down through the valley and delivered on my wish.

Coffee in hand.  .
I called my beloved for coffee break and together we sat and ate friendship loaf and between the three of us.  . .emptied a pot of coffee.

We pulled the lawn chairs to the sheltered side of the house and felt the warmth of the sun on our my pale face.

Last night I added my 1 cup of flour. .1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of milk to the zip loc bag and gave it a good mush.

Next week. . I will be knocking on doors. . .with a bag of  gooey batter. ..a small loaf. .and a recipe.

Friendship . . .
it's a good thing.

all for now ..


  1. I remember those containers of gooey mush from the 80's and how nice the loaf smelled coming from the oven. I think I had a nice crockery container for my brew. I wouldn't mind having some again, and I'm sure there's someone around here with some starter.

  2. How fun to see the 'mush' being passed along. Just so you know the geneology of your loaf...a portion of your batter came from my kitchen....and from my sister's before that! It's the gift that just keeps on giving. Enjoy!

    How nice to sit out in the sun for a coffee break...and enjoy friendship loaf with a friend from afar.

  3. Perfect mush, perfect day, and perfect friends. Between our busy days, I was so happy to find you at home. I'm beginning to believe that you were actually stuck on your sewing project. I'd do it again!

  4. It is neat to know the bread's genealogy. Guess I will have to be an "Eve" and start my own bread family tree...unless anyone from your area is trekking to SLC soon.
    We had 8inches of snow last night and vanilla wafer sized flakes are still tumbling from the sky. No problem...Pale skin works for me!

  5. Love it! The two of you enjoying that sunshine is fabulous...

  6. You guys look great out on that sunny deck!

    I remember Friendship Bread. It was oh so tasty and oh so didn't agree with me at all. My son just had a batch he was eager to pass along; I so wished that I could take some.

  7. Oh yes, I remember the friendship bread craze of the 80's. It really was fun! I'm glad it's back! Happy eating, Lovella!

  8. Hi Lovella and Marg! This sounds like a wonderful "mush" to share and a good does of friendship is always a happy thing to enjoy!

  9. My daughter gave me numerous loaves of the friendship bread and I know how delicious it is. The conversation, the sun, and the coffee would have made it even better. I smiled when I saw your slippers. I have the same ones and I love my slippers:) What a fun post this is.


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