English Daisy Week

Seems fitting that my English Daisies are blooming  ..
stretching their little heads to the sun and rain.

My biggest dilemma is deciding which network will earn my focus in the middle of the night.
I'm leaning towards the BBC . .
but then I'll miss my regular folks who I watch everyday.
I expect we might record Network B  and view network A other and then catch what we missed on network B later.

Are you a Royalty fan?
I expect it might be genetic. .
for I am. .
always was ..
and  . .
will remain.


  1. The Queen Mary Tea Room here in Seattle is hosting a viewing party from 1:00am to 4:00am for $150 dollars. Katie is setting the DVR and told us to clear off anything on it because the broadcast is 12 hours long :0) Katie has also been sporting a ring very similar to Kate's engagement ring that my sister Lana gave her. Yep we are into it, too, around here. Long live the Queen! :0)

  2. I'm trying to figure out the viewing places too!!! I'll be up at 5:30 to go watch it with my neighbor (whose husband is scottish) and then we are going up to another friend's at 2 p.m. to watch re-runs and have tea!!!! I feel I should be wearing a hat!!! I remember my mom getting me up early to watch Diana's!!!

  3. Your english daisies are so pretty! I lived in Canada as a young girl and sang God Save the Queen every morning at school. I will be watching her grandson's wedding on Friday morning.

  4. Can't really classify myself as a fan, but I am definitely an interested party. I will be watching, and my guess is BBC will be the best choice. But I'll be checking out the other options too!

    My copies of the MGCC cookbook arrived yesterday! Yippee! I enjoyed a good hour leafing through and reading it last night. You all did a fabulous job. And I love that you are giving the proceeds to charity to feed hungry children.

  5. Apparently you can even watch it on youtube! I'll be watching - but it might be the rerun - I don't know if I could get up at 2am for the live event.

    Love your English daisies.

  6. I enjoy some of the pomp, but not enough to wake at four a.m. I did for three of the weddings (I think...Diana, Sarah, and Princess Anne). Of course, I will want to see the replays. Have fun! Are you having a middle of the night party?

  7. Oh, Lovella ... enjoy! since that is the time I may just be falling asleep, I'll watch a recording for sure. At least we know there will only be winners in this game . . . hopefully for always. Now... about tonite's game . . . I'm a bit nervous.

  8. Oh, what fun! Thank goodness for the PVR...we can watch at our pleasure.

    I'm smiling at the responses here....and at the cute English blooms!

  9. Wonderful macro shot of the daisies Lovella.
    I am having a hard time getting too into this wedding knowing they have been living together for such a long time. But there is bound to be hats...lots and lots of hats...so count me in on catching the event somehow.

  10. Your English Daisies did choose a very appropriate time to bloom and they are gorgeous. I'm not sure if we have those around here, but I need to check.
    I was a huge fan of all things Diana. Not so much the whole royal family. I'm sure I will watch this royal wedding though. The hype leading up to it has been fun to watch.

  11. These daisies are about the prettiest flowers I've been in ages. Beautiful photo!

  12. When I was in Northern Ireland recently everyone was abuzz over the Royal Wedding. The whole UK has the day off! I remember when William was born a few months after my daughter. Diana was such a loving mother to him and harry.

    I have to tell you that I am in love with my copy of MGCC cookbook! So many of the recipes remind me of the ones my maternal grandmother used to make. Sadly my Mom did not like to cook and never learned her recipes and they were never written down. Now I feel I have them all in your beautiful cookbook!

  13. Love the English Daisies....
    I am also a Royal watcher from way back.
    Started when I was 8, watching Princess Margaret...then every other Royal wedding afterward.
    I was up at 4AM.
    Enjoyed it immensely!


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