The Book!

Had I not looked ridiculous sitting at the end of the driveway yesterday I surely would have been sitting on the fence waiting for her arrival.
We were eating an early lunch facing the front window when I saw "the truck" slow in front of our house.
I jumped off my bar stool and ran to the window. .
and said.. ."this is it!!!"
Lunch forgotten . . we opened up the kitchen door and waved at the driver as he backed up his truck to the loading dock. 

The driver and the farmer moved the pallet of books from them to us..  .
and I am nearly certain the truck driver had never anyone as happy to see him as he did yesterday.

I smiled as I read the box . . .
"Mennonite Girls Can"

I said. .
"I'll wait until one of the girls comes. . .
and we'll break open the shipment together".

Unable to hear me through the squeals.  ..
he took out his box cutter and broke the shrink wrap and yanked out a box.
Because of his thirty some years of Safeway practice. .
slid that blade across the seam and before I could protest even weakly. .
the books lay revealed.

To be fair .. .by that time I had already sent word to the girls that they should come.
They knew that this might be the day so I had cell numbers. .land lines. ..and all other possible numbers listed and ready.

Judy and Marg arrived first.
I loved these photos and thought you might want to see what it looks like to set eyes for the very first time on a book that bears your name as author.

Do they look pleased ?
I thought so too.

It has been a little like a group pregnancy. . .
counting down months and then days and then finally hours with a few contractions for good measure.

The two of them. . .
packed up their boxes and boxes for retailers in their towns ..
and off they went.

Kathy came next. .
and the fun began all over again.

At first in a hurry to get going ...

 .. she settled on a stool and shared a cup of coffee and a look see with me.

Then. ..Bev came.  .
and picked up her boxes . .

and then Julie as well.

Anneliese. . .will have hers soon as will Ellen and Betty and Charlotte.

On Mother's Day weekend ...we will be all together celebrating properly as a  group . . .
signing books and enjoying this time that is once in a lifetime.

Books are at the warehouses in Waterloo and Scottdale and are being packed up for all of you who have  ordered.

The local retailers should have their books on their shelves very shortly.
We'll be doing some deliveries to local retailers this morning.

If you don't see it there  . ..
be sure to ask.

all for now ..


  1. Congratulations to everyone on a successful 'birth!' The baby is gorgeous! I'm sure you're all thankful and proud! God bless!

  2. Awesome news! Congratulations to all of you!! Perfect timing for some mother's day gifts for some special ladies in my life. :-)

  3. I'm so excited for you...the smiles in the photos say it all!!
    I'm looking forward to receiving my copy and I know I will LOVE it!
    Congratulations and blessings to you all,

  4. congratulations!...and now we will wait to hear of the 2nd, 3rd,etc., printings.

  5. That's SO exciting, Lovella! Congrats to you all. :)

  6. Yippee! I can hardly wait till my box arrives at my door. Love all these photos Lovella!

  7. Congratulations on the birth of a very special baby. I just ordered mine from Amazon last night. I'm realizing that it won't be a signed copy, but I think I may stare at it nearly as much as you gals have. Enjoy every minute of the adventure!

  8. April 19th...always to be known as Book Day from now on! Great re-cap, we all came running.

    We had such fun last night sharing the first copies with friends!

  9. I am totally excited for you! Congratulations on your beautiful new cookbook! Well done!!!

  10. this is SOOOO exciting - congratulations!!!!
    what retailers will they be in? i'm looking forward to picking one up!!! :)

  11. I'm so excited for you - can't wait till mine arrives! Congratulations to all of you! I enjoy every one of your blogs.

  12. Yes, it was one amazing day...and I'm so happy that your Farmer Friend, took his knife and slid open the first box. He was there for you and he wanted you to have that well deserved first glimpse.
    This journey has been so enjoyable.

  13. The book is more beautiful than I imagined! I love it!
    Thanks ladies! Your hard work, and the cause for which it was written is evident on every page!

  14. I am so excited for you!! Congratulations to all of you!!

  15. Dreams do come true, yes! Does it feel a bit like Christmas today?

    I smiled at the part where the truck pulled up to your loading dock. When you and Terry purchased the farm did you ever imagine the dock would be used for this kind of shipment?

  16. From small starts can come BIG things! Congrats to you all on your most successful venture!

  17. My 2nd post for the day - My book just arrived - I love, love, love it!!! While looking thru it I felt like I was part of it too as I have used so many of the recipes and recognized your faces and your beautiful "bread for the journey" devotions, which I count on daily during my devotion and Bible reading time. I am so grateful for this beautiful site where we can grow and share in the beautiful art of homemaking! My faith in Christ and to be a good wife, mother, grandmother and friend will be my most precious gift to my 3 beautiful daughters and 8 grandchildren - 5 of whom are girls - I will introduce your book to them and probably need more copies! Thank you so much!

  18. Congratulations Lovella and all the girls - so exciting, it looks beautiful! Love, Flo

  19. Congratulations to all of you for a job well done!
    The Lord has blessed you richly!

  20. I am SO happy for you!! Congratulations!!!!!

  21. I can only imagine your excitement! I'm just as excited reading about it. I've been looking at your site and MGCC hoping to hear an update for a while. I'm hoping to get the book soon and try out some of the recipes. When I do, I'll post a review on my blog! So happy for you!!

  22. I will go most anywhere to get a 'book' .. This one was a LITTLE more special than most !! smile..
    It was a very special 'delivery' day for you, Lovella.. and relatively painless, right?
    Thanks for the happy post !

  23. Lovella... you don't know how much this means to me... I am eating this up .... being on the other side of the world right now ... I got tears in my eyes... if I could only be two places at one time...
    I can hardly wait ... but first I have to do the hard thing of saying goodbye's not fun.

  24. I so enjoyed sitting at your island with you just pouring over each page.....she is a beauty!!!!! Love you!

  25. Congratulations to you, Lovella, and all the MGCC cookbook authors! I can't wait to receive my two pre-ordered copies from the publisher!

  26. Cogratulations to all of you and especially to you Lovella. It looks lovely. I can hardly wait to look at it. Mary

  27. How exciting!!! i'm so happy for you. I can just imagine how it felt. Would you have ever imagined this just a few years ago?!!! Can't wait to see it in person.......

  28. YaY - that's super exciting!!! What are the local retailers that will have it in stock?


  29. WOW!! This is so amazing and exciting, Lovella! Thanks for posting pictures....I got teary-eyed thinking of how thrilling it must be for all you. CONGRATS to you all for your hard work and dedication to this project. My mom ordered a book for me for Christmas and I can hardly wait to get it! Blessings to you as you celebrate this achievement.

    Bonnie Boehr

  30. Congrats, Lovella and the rest of the girls . . . great to see the end product after a number of months of dreaming and working.

    John Longhurst, Winnipeg

  31. OH my goodness!! How exciting! Congratulations to all of you!!


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