at eight and a half months

Yesterday was a grammie . . rainy . . inside day.

Little Miss Muffet (grandgirlies wee sister) is a gentle soul.
She loves the rest of the little ones . ..finding them most entertaining.
She keeps a close eye on her Uncle TT. . .
just watching him. ..
with a grim expression which causes us . .
 a good bit of mirth.

She is creeping all about the bungalow and so our eyes are trained to the ground .. .
lest we come upon her when we least expect it.
For the first time yesterday . ..
she stood at the full window kitchen door. .
.looking to see where she might like to creep once the rain abates.
In her spare time ..
she pats-a-cake. . .and smiles.
A happy future pie roller .. .woo hoo.

It was a good day.
The rain almost didn't even barely bother me. . .
one bit.

All for now . .


  1. There's nothing like a shot of Grandchild tonic to dash away any rainy day blues that might be lurking. Of course, over here we're talking 'rainy month' blues as the sun hasn't peeked through the cloud for weeks and weeks. Just keep your eye focused on that little one and you'll make it through the rain!

  2. I love it when you talk about your grands. Do they each have a notebook full of your observations? What a sweet gift that would be. I love the pictures you take, too. This little hand is precious and does show a predilection to be out and about.

    Raining again? Ugh.

  3. Ahh, love her sweet little hand.

  4. Pure joy and total sweetness!

  5. Aw.. she's standing up! I love how you documented this milestone... and the fact that the rain almost hardly bothered you one bit.

  6. I can just imagine that one day you and her will sit down at your computer and you will show her all the milestones in her will be memory lane for you.

  7. All of April's rains will bring sweet May flowers!

    This is a beautiful photo of your sweet grand baby's hand. Such innocence. I can't wait to see my newest grandson and hug my older one.

  8. A sweet post..from crawling to walking, it will all go so fast.
    Wishing sunshine for you even if the rain hardly bothers you one bit:)

  9. It is funny when babies decide someone needs a stern look. Makes me laugh too. Glad the baby girl was in the house and keeping your mind off the rain

  10. Standing already? Where did the time go? Sweet pic!

  11. She and Laura would make perfect playmates. Laura finally started crawling on all fours this week! And, today I asked her where her tooth was and she pointed to her tooth and said "tooth"!!! What a surprise! :)


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