working on that tree again

The other day I was baking buns and through the window I saw he brought out the ladder. .
and the chain saw.

I also noticed he turned around to see if I was watching.

I just kept making my buns. . .as I kept half an eye on him and his decision to prune. .
some more.

Remember a few weeks ago when we took off part of the big Y in the tree?
He was not happy with the result.

So. . .he removed a chunk at a time . .

He would drop a big chunk.. .

and then just like a boy . where it dropped.

One chunk at a time ...

until he was satisfied.

oh ..not quite done.

There. . .all done.

I bet you are wondering what it will look like once the leaves come out.
You and me both. . .I'll keep you posted.

OH. .not quite done.
I came around the front of the house where I caught him digging out a shrub that had overgrown his spot.

He most definitely has spring fever.
At this rate.  ..if spring doesn't arrive soon. .
we'll have dug up the entire yard.

all for now. .


  1. I'm thinking that will be a good improvement and am looking forward to seeing the tree with leaves. We seem to all be ready for Spring.

  2. At this rate, you'll not have a shrub left. :D Is he replanting them elsewhere?

  3. I had to smile at Terry looking to see if you were looking ...
    At least he only pruned the tree. Vic used to lay awake at night wondering how he could cut down a tree without me noticing.
    I'm looking forward to spring too and a photo of your 'let-out' tree!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the tree in all it's glory...soon. You think? We did a little lopping over here between rains this week as well.

  5. Could you send him over here with his saw? I have a tree or two that could use some trimming! I love that he, like most men, has a uniform for this task. The Great Dane's favorite uniform has a blue plaid flannel jacket. There is a Standing Request that he not leave the property in that jacket!

  6. Oh gee...A man and his chainsaw, a cause for male joy the world over. My man has chainsaw plans for a tree at our place; our "all grown now" little boy went out and bought a chainsaw of his very own; B. is just itching to give it a try.

    Wonder if there will be chainsaw in heaven...

  7. Good photos Lovella..I noticed that he is using the best chainsaw on the market:)
    You will keep us posted on that tree, in fact on your whole yard, right?

  8. I know how much he loves being photographed...Poor guy!
    But I know about the itch to get out there and feel like one is accomplishing something.
    Did the process take all day???


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