weekly forecast

Sunrise 6:46 am
Temperature average highs .. .10 C
Expected high today .. 8 C
and. .
Expected low today. ..0 C
Sunset 6:00 pm
Tuesday . .rain
Wednesday.  ..rain
Thursday .. .rain
Friday . . .rain

I'll be outside today overseeing his project.
He's talked about getting out the tractor.
I made a pot of soup yesterday so I can sit at my  viewing post without missing a thing.

all for now . .


  1. That is a lot of rain. Good thing you have that pot of soup ready.
    Enjoy your window post..you might be needed for advice:)

  2. I made soup last night after reading the week's forecast - too funny!
    Yesterday was beautiful, but I knew I'd like to come home to a steaming bowl at least once this week, so got ahead of the game.

  3. Now that is a depressing Monday morning forecast! It looks like an 'in week'...so we best make the most of this moment.

  4. Hmmmm, it's not looking good for the East Coast either. We've had four inches of rain overnight, streets flooded. Lovely. Though, look how green your blog is! Just lovely!

  5. Oh dear I better get out and about today before all that rain settles in. A pot of soup sounds real good!

  6. The sun is shining here, and I will make the best of it...No tractor work at this end.

  7. Really? Rain? Why am I surprised! We get a few nice days and we forget . . .but today is beautiful!

    Enjoy your post at the window and outside . . . where I'm sure you'll be called.


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