When we planted these ornamental Cherry Trees some 15 years ago we quite frankly expected more from them.
They were given the benefit of the doubt and one was replanted at the back of the property when it turned wild and began to sprout cherries instead of double pink blossoms.
We pick those teensy cherries and while we are not so fond of pitting. .
we do have to admit they make a pretty fantastic jam.

When he gets the tractor out to help in re-landscaping. . .
it only can mean one thing.. . .something is getting pulled.

He's been busy.
It's been a bit messy around here .. .
but it is all coming together in a rather satisfactory way.
We have a nice little stack of cherry wood for our summer camping.
Today is a grammie day . ..we plan to put her to work play.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Does cherry wood smell as good burning as apple wood? Cause I'm thinking your campfires are going to be especially nice. One thing I take note of here. You two are not the sentimental kind. If something isn't working, OUT it goes. I have been so longsuffering with plants and trees that it's on the point of ridiculous. Hope that your little helper finds the work great fun!

  2. I was wondering the same thing as Vee. We have one big tree Dear would love to pull down with a tractor! Have a wonderful day with the little ones!

  3. The Great Dane loves to get his little tractor out - and all I'll have to do to get his help with a gardening project is ask if he could 'get out the tractor'.....there's still a lot of the little Dane in him!

  4. I too want a report back on how the cherry wood burns. Our son has a friend who collects various wood types to create fires that burn either fast or slow and for various scents as well. We always burned seasoned oak and never thought to consider characteristics of other wood.

  5. Your yard project is no small task...I see. First we plant...and then we pull. We already have a tree that needs pulling...that's not living up to expectations.

    A cherry wood campfire...something to look forward to!

  6. A tractor to pull out the tree ... now that is a novel idea . . . we do not think about that in our city yard. Uprooting our old birch a few years ago was quite a task .. manual de-limbing and digging, and finally a winch brought by a friend was the big deal! I'm thinking those are not the cherries you'd made pie with when we were over. Best cherry pie I ever had!

  7. As I read your post I thought of my son..oh how he would have loved to see the tree come down, although he would have preferred the use of a chainsaw:)

  8. That is an easy way to move a tree, isn't it? I hope a more useful tree will replace it!


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