Spring Gift Idea

We were invited to  friends on Saturday night to help them warm their new home.
I popped into town to  pick up a box of chocolates. .
and then went home to match some fabric and ribbons from my stash.

When I came in the door. .
she recognized what they were . .
and put them straight to work.

Little hostess gifts need not cost an arm and and a leg. .
but sometimes just a bit of thought and time.

We never did see that box of chocolates again.  :)

OH. ..but what a wonderful time we did have.
We stayed too late. . .and still had not finished our visit.
Next time.  .
my turn.

all for now.  .


  1. A box of chocolates is always welcome!!....and it's nicer when they are shared.
    Blogger is certainly acting up again, with the pictures. It is very widespread - and annoying!

  2. Very sweet gift idea. You're a thoughtful friend. I love those evenings when the laughter and good conversation go on and on without a glance at the clock needed.

  3. How thoughtful and creative Lovella. Love how the colors match with the box of chocolates!

  4. Purdy's and 'pot pinchers'...a wonderful duo!

  5. Instant spring time at the table! Beautiful gift Lovella.

  6. They are delightful hostess gifts, Lovella! I'm sure the chocolates were put aside for another special occasion.

  7. What a thoughtful hostess gift. The colors you chose look so appropriate for the spring season and also coordinate beautifully with the box of chocolates.
    Thank you, Lovella, for your kind comments and encouragement. It means a lot to me.

  8. Hostess gifts are truly pleasant...now only if my head would jump into that creative mode.
    I love your yellow theme.


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