spring break yard work part 1

It's spring break here in our parts.  ..
so we've spent the last few days in our yard enjoying the gorgeous 16 Celsius weather.
He's been doing the back "breaking" part and I've been doing the feeding and documenting part of the task at hand.

He seems to be making a point to the lawn.
Rather displeased with last years performance he's scratching the living daylights out of the early spring blades that had the nerve to push through the moss.
If they think that's rough treatment. . .they should see what he has in mind for their next lawn style "spa treatment".

The fence guys have come back. . .
and are back at it. .
working hard at keeping pace with the "mature" person on the lawn.

The beautiful snow crested mountains in the background are a constant reminder that we live in the Fraser Valley.  It's usually this time of year when the locals begin to wonder about the snow pack up in those mountains and the Fraser River that runs through the valley. 
In 1948, eleven years before  I was born. . .
flood waters rose to the middle of the bedroom window that eventually belonged to me.
My parents reminded us each year of the strawberry plants that died underneath the sandy silt of the Fraser River flood.

Spring break 2011 is proving to be a tremendous bit of enjoyment.

Enjoy your weekend.

all for now . .


  1. That will be one pretty yard this year. All that work will pay off!

  2. That hard work will pay off for sure. We were talking about thatching our lawn. I don't think we'll get past talking about it though. Love the fence and your distant views. Beautiful bud shot!

  3. Oh, Lovella, what a beautiful view! That white fence frames it so marvelously. Your beloved is an energetic guy! Good for him. What? He doesn't like moss? I gave up years ago with grass. My neighbor still fights the good fight and suggests that I do the same. Enjoy this beautiful day!

  4. I had a sneak pre-view of that fence...How beautiful, and when you showed it against the mountain tops...I noticed it was absolutely level...I can imagine the supervising that took.
    Looks like another spring day...
    Do you want to strap on those ski and explore the mountain tops? Then you can have a view of your farm from below.

  5. Things are definitely happening at your place! Looking good.

    As the one who trims edges around here...I'm seeing a lot of fenceposts that will need trimming. I'm sure there's a plan.

  6. Your yard looks beautiful. Happy gardening!

    Have a loveliest of weekends xx

  7. Your view is beautiful!

    Where my son lives, the Rocky Mountains snow melt will begin soon. I love to watch the progress of the melt as the gulches near his house fill and the water moves swiftly from a trickle to a running torent towards the lakes that collect it. I do worry that a tremendous snowfall will cause an overflow some year. Colorado is the only state in the US where all the water runs out of it to other states.

  8. The mountains ... and the pussy willows are beautiful! So glad Spring is here even though there is snow on the mountains!

  9. OH! I LOVE those pussy willows!!

  10. I love those mountains. There's a moment, whenever I come over, when I first see the peaks, and my heart always does a little flip.
    Your gardener sure does a thorough job on the lawn!....it will surly start growing to order if it knows what's good for it!


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