soft feather jacket

The other day . .
we were out in the field . .  Grandgirlie and I.
We do this most everytime she comes to visit.  We just walk around. 
The activities seem to amount to a hill of a beans and yet we can keep busy by inventing tasks.

Grandgirlie was very busy collecting soft feathers.
She would unzip my jacket pocket and tuck in a soft feather and zip my pocket back up and then busy herself . .eyes back to the field in search of more soft feathers.

I finally asked her what she was planning on doing with her soft feathers.
She said   . ."they are for my mommy".

There you go!
Soft feathers. . .for mommy.
I loved that she said that.

all for now . .


  1. Hope that mommy has some big plans for those feathers! (I'd be tucking them in my nests.)

  2. Such a sweet girl. Who better than 'for Mommy'.

  3. A soft feather collection for mommy sounds perfect!

  4. I love the outdoors and all the adventure walks and all the things that those little ones teach us.
    Soft feathers for Mommy. What else?

  5. Aw, that is cute! Maybe mommy can eventually make a pillow out of them.

  6. Gifts for her mommy.....very sweet indeed.

  7. It is so sweet that she wanted her Mommie to have her feather treasures :)

  8. This post hit my heartstrings. How sweet that she saved them for her Mommy. I like that you captured it for us.


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