remembering Japan

Have you all noticed the items around your house that were made in Japan?
I looked all over my Mom's Jewellery Box that at one time sat in the center of her dresser. .
 on a doily.
I was looking for the made in Japan engraving. ..sticker. .something that would confirm what I always assumed to be true.
I couldn't find it.
I checked online .. .and there they were.
It seems that literally hundreds of thousands were made in the early 50's and are now readily available on ebay and various other sites.

Don't bother to look on ebay for mine.
You won't find it there.
It sits in the center of my dresser .. .
on a doily ..
with my mothers wrist watch and locket safely inside.

I remembered also that she had another link to Japan.  She had a friend that had gone to Japan as a missionary as a single woman and stayed there for many years ..loving the people of Japan.
She often showed me her prayer card in the box of missionary prayer cards that she prayed through each year.

Underneath the box. .
I gently wind up the music box ..
still remembering her instructions not to over-wind.
I place the ballerina on the mirror. .
listen and watch as she rather sporadically moves about the surface. . .
and silently pray for the people of Japan.

all for now .. .


  1. Yes, I have been noticing the "Made in Japan" things. I was washing my favorite little green condiment bowl that looks like gathered leaves...yes, made in Japan. We are being reminded to pray. Your box is delightful.

    I have a piano jewelry box, lacquered, with a ballerina who dances...a gift from my mother to hers. Now I'll have to check and see if it was made in Japan, too.

  2. We've been thinking of the people of Japan a lot over the past days, remembering of how much we enjoyed our time there last year - how kind and hospitable everyone was. Every news report and image is a reminder to pray for them. It could so easily be British Columbia.

  3. Some things need to be enjoyed and cherished for sure instead of selling them on Ebay. Lovely box and I'll have to say a prayer for the people of Japan every time I get into my car...

  4. My mom had that same jewellry box!

  5. Though life for us was not instantly changed over these past few mind can not help but dwell on those devastated people of Japan.

    The 'made in Japan' sticker was once a very common sight. I think our car has such a sticker. Smile.

  6. I see that sticker on several things in our home as heart continues to go out to those who are living the reality of such devastation. Our prayers continue. ....these people are probably just beginning to take hold of this new's overwhelming.

  7. It's interesting to see your articles from Japan...I was there when I was 19...but don't believe I have any of those items left.
    The TV gives us a reminder daily of the catastrophe..I'm joining you in prayer.

  8. Just looked at the jewelry box mentioned...yes, it is also made in Japan. How interesting...

  9. The people of Japan have been heavily in my prayers these past few days. Such a tragedy.
    What a wonderful memory you've sparked with your story and photos of your mother's jewelry box. You have reminded me that my mother has a very similar box, and this brings back old memories for me. I'm going to call her today and ask her when and where she got it. Such nice childhood memories! Thanks for bringing them to mind!


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