pruning apple trees

His eyes are focused on the task at hand.
God created us with a desire to learn and stretch both our body and minds.

Little hands and strong hands working side by side.
Two faces reflecting a common thought.

As it begins to rain. . .
the decision is made to put the tools away for the afternoon ..
and go play a board game indoors.

Simple pleasures in March.


  1. The concentration and happiness at being allowed to help are lovely to see.

  2. I love simple pleasures, you captured them beautifully.

  3. Simple pleasures are the best and the one you share today is precious.

  4. Simple but special moments for sure to tuck away...

  5. Pruning trees and playing board games...simple and treasured moments with the grands.

  6. So very heartwarming. Memories are being made.

  7. That season is upon us. You have a little gardener! Is that a tent trailer I see in the back ground.....or a guest house?

  8. What a perfect example of our Heavenly Father and His care and instructions to each of us. Simple pleasures are the best.


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