new growth

Wasn't yesterday just wonderful in the Fraser Valley of Beautiful British Columbia?
The sun was shining and the warmth of it was felt through my blue jeans as we went for a long walk on our countryside roads in the afternoon.
Green growth is later than usual here. . .there is no doubt about it.  I had to really look for something growing along the way and I yet I am hopeful and nearly certain that everything will open up rapidly and the grass will need mowing before the week is out.
Stay posted for that.

The super moon. Did you all run outside to take photos of the massive glow circle in the sky on Saturday night?
It was a spectacular sight wasn't it?
I took photos but declared them unworthy for blog material.
It helps to have your camera set right before going out into the dark.
It also helps to ensure that your tripod has three out of three leg brackets willing to tighten at your will.

After walking up and down over the hills that boasted both greening meadows and emerging gravel pits out of the farmlands we went for a drive to see what else was out and about on such a magnificent day.
We stopped for a coffee and sat outside to celebrate springs arrival.

We took the Merc when we went to get the cobwebs out of her system.
We arrived home safely after observing the speed zones .  . .most of the time.
OH. ..looking beyond the Merc? 
The fence . It's  not quite finished yet.
Stay posted for that.

Spring is officially here.
I'm glad.
I welcome the new season with all the expectations of new starts and fresh motivation.
As with each new season I wait upon the Lord for his leading and my renew my desire to be both quiet in unecessary prattle yet ready to give an answer with joy for the things that matter most.

Happy Spring.
all for now. .


  1. Oh rats. I was hoping that lots of people would post their super moon shots so I'd feel better about posting mine.

    The merc looks terrific and that fence. Ohhh, I do love that fence. Is it for helping the grands know their boundaries or for lovely landscaping? It's going to be amazing; it already is.

    Enjoy this wonderful spring coming your way. I know that if she arrives there, she'll find her way here in a week's time. We are dealing with 30F temps this week and snow and cold. So not too spring-like yet.

  2. Happy Spring, Lovella.
    Your blog has such a "springy" feeling about it. From the pretty header photo to the yellow background ~ just lovely.
    Your walk sounds like a wonderful way to welcome the spring season and a ride in the Merc certainly was a nice follow-up to the walk.
    The fence looks really nice too.

  3. So glad you found signs of spring. And a great way to spend the first day of spring.

  4. Yesterday was beautiful on the Island too. We have one tiny clump of daffodils blooming in the warmest spot, but otherwise nothing yet. I'll just enjoy the spring photos on blogs for now, and then feel as though the season has been extended when our flowers bloom.

  5. Wasn't that just the perfect 'first day of spring'? It sounds like you made the most of it.

  6. You did find some beautiful promises that things are headed towards pretty blossoms and flowers. The Merc is such a beauty and that fence is really looking nice. It was great to have 2 relatively dry days in a row!!

  7. Happy first full day of Spring, Lovella! It is raining here today but that is a good thing for awakening plants and shrubs.

    Your Merc looks like a fine truck ..such a pretty blue color!

    My perigee moon photos were also not blog worthy..too much street light here to allow them to come out clear. It was a wondrous sight non-the-less!

  8. It WAS a most beautiful spring day yesterday - we went for a long walk along the dyke of the Fraser River & drank in the sunshine & wind!
    I'm with you - waiting on the Lord. Forever He is faithful!!!

  9. Exactly the kind of day that must be blogged about. Two, three years from now when you happen to see the post again, all the satisfied with life feelings of the day flood back and are enjoyed again. At least that is what happens with me. So glad your first spring day 2011 was bogged.

  10. PS: I can already picture the crisp white fencing glowing with Christmas lights...and daffodils sprouting at each fence post next spring.

    And no, I am not volunteering to do the work to make all that happen!

  11. PS2: If someone was to have had a baby the night of the full super moon, wouldn't Perigee be the perfect middle or even first name?

  12. No wonder, the day I drive past...stop for coffee and you are not home...Looks like we were all out enjoying our first day of spring.
    I loved your new's beautiful, classy and makes your place look chic'

  13. Some of us would be very interested to know what camera's all you lovely photographers use. All your photo's are so lovely. Please do tell...

  14. It was a nice day! Glad you took it in....looks like it treated you well.


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